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New indoor decorative natural fiber composite materials appear

from leather covered walls to slate benches, all of them are made of recycled wood, cork or leather. A few days ago, at an exhibition held in Munich, Germany on how to strengthen the aluminum process for automobiles, in the fields of architecture, materials and systems, Wacker Chemical Co., Ltd. exhibited the natural fiber composite NFC developed in cooperation with partner companies, which can turn waste materials into beautiful decorative materials

it is understood that this material can be used to produce innovative floor coverings and veneers from natural fibers such as cork, leather or wood. For example, using special powder adhesives based on vinyl acetate and vinyl VAE copolymers with a global warming potential equal to or less than 2 carbon oxide products can produce warm slate cork flooring, in which the latch system can be easily laid, or furniture veneers and floor coverings can be produced from recycled leather scraps. At present, wacker's newly established natural fiber processing project platform can provide a variety of new uses, especially in the field of floor paving, interior decoration and furniture industry. This new composite material has excellent adhesion with natural fibers such as cork or wood, and can also adhere very well to various substrates with huge differences in properties

some insiders said that this new natural fiber composite makes full use of raw materials such as wood, cork or leather, and effectively protects resources

note: the selection of each experimental machine should meet the testing parameters of the material. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its view or confirm the authenticity of its internal height capacity to raise the main piston by 1 section

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