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Hunan new industrial road: "leading" going abroad "recruits" listed

Hunan new industrial road: "leading" going abroad "recruits" listed

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Guide: Hunan is an industrial province, sitting on Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, Shanhe intelligent and other weight engineering machinery enterprises. Not long ago, a number of Hunan industrial enterprises that marked advanced technology showed their strength that can not be underestimated. Zhongke electric, Changgao high voltage, Sunbird are on the market, and the overbridge crane is expected to succeed

Hunan is an industrial province, with Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry, Shanhe intelligent and other heavyweight construction machinery enterprises. Not long ago, a number of Hunan industrial enterprises, which marked advanced technology, the most important and the longest emerging technology, showed their strength that cannot be underestimated. Zhongke electric, Changgao high voltage, Sunbird have been listed, and the skybridge crane has successfully passed the meeting, which is intended to achieve leapfrog development with the help of the power of the capital market

on the other hand, the first 5-megawatt permanent magnet direct drive offshore wind turbine in China went offline, marking the rise of the wind power industrial park in Xiangtan high tech Zone. The Zhuzhou high tech Zone, less than 40 kilometers away from it, has gradually formed a wind power industrial cluster with Zhuzhou Motor, CSR Era, etc. as the backbone, integrating the development of key components of wind power equipment such as generators, converters, gears, blades, etc., and the new energy industry is also gradually becoming a climate in our province

facing the practitioners of realizing the new industrialization in our province, we all seem to smell a trace of the atmosphere of the battlefield. Because you can see that these veteran leading enterprises have set up a battle formation to go abroad, and the new members are also using the power of capital, without losing momentum at all


Industrial dragons have soared up

in the past five years, Hunan, a traditional agricultural province, has gradually embarked on a new industrial road of "high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution"

2006 is the first year of the eleventh five year plan. The new provincial Party committee and the provincial government made decisive decisions to accelerate the process of new industrialization and promote the sound and rapid economic development of the province with new industrialization. The ninth provincial Party congress raised the new industrialization to the height of "the first driving force to enrich the people and strengthen the province", and officially implemented the new industrialization drive strategy

next, there are many good moves to accelerate the promotion of new industrialization

in 2007, several opinions on accelerating the process of new industrialization was officially issued: focus on cultivating 50 industrial clusters and strive to build a "double hundred" project; In 2008, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government held a special meeting on accelerating the promotion of new industrialization, requiring efforts to deepen, accelerate and drive; In 2009, the "9+3" industrial revitalization plan covering the automotive, engineering machinery, steel, petrochemical and other industries was issued, and the "4000 project" with "expanding a batch of 100 billion industries, developing a batch of 100 billion clusters, cultivating a batch of 100 billion enterprises, and building a batch of 100 billion parks" as the core was fully launched... A series of "combined punches" to speed up Hunan's industry, with an unprecedented strong driving force to accelerate the new industrialization of Hunan

with the continuous acceleration of new industrialization, the circular economy development model with the goal of sustainable utilization of resources has become the core content of transforming the mode of economic growth in our province. In 2009, the added value of high-tech industries accounted for 29.6% of industrial added value, an increase of 7.5 percentage points over 2006; The proportion of value-added of six high energy consuming industries such as electric power and steel in large-scale industries fell from 40.1% in 2006 to 35.5% in 2009; Sulfur dioxide emission reduction completed the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" emission reduction target one year ahead of schedule

with the gradual accumulation of assets and resources to advantageous industries and enterprises, the current situation of "scattered, small and poor" industry in the province has been gradually improved, and industrial dragons have soared in Sanxiang. In 2009, the number of enterprises with sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan in our province increased to 10; Among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, "Xiang" brand enterprises account for 7; Among the 700 billion industry in the province, industry occupies 5 seats. Construction machinery, rail transit, wind power equipment and other industrial clusters have not only formed a brand effect in the country, but also swaggered into the international market

this large number of advantageous industries, like dragons dancing, have stirred up the industrial economy of Hunan Province. In 2008, against the background of continuous snow and ice disasters and the global financial crisis, the industry of the province rose against the trend, realizing an industrial added value of 428.02 billion yuan; In 2009, the contribution rate of industry to Hunan's economy reached 50.3%

in the first three quarters of 2010, the total GDP of the province exceeded trillion yuan, of which industry contributed 57.5% to economic growth


the ranking of the machinery industry rose to the 15th place in the country

on July 7, 2010, the China Machinery Industry Federation was held in Changsha. So far, the ranking of the machinery industry in Hunan Province has risen to the 15th place in the country

the distinction between the provincial plastic simply supported beam impact testing machine and the cantilever beam impact testing machine mainly includes the following aspects: Huang Xiangdong, director of the machinery industry management office, said that in this month, the added value of China's machinery industry increased by 24.4% over the same period last year, the total industrial output value increased by 38.93%, the profit increased by 86.13%, the tax paid increased by 39.88%, and the growth rate of industrial added value was 5.9 percentage points higher than the national average industrial growth rate

it is reported that compared with 2005 at the end of the tenth five year plan, the total output value and main business income of large-scale enterprises in Hunan Machinery Industry in 2009 increased by one pressure roller to exert pressure on the tow by 311% and 331%, respectively. The total scale of the whole industry increased by more than three times in four years, and the profit increased by nearly six times

Zoomlion, Sany and Zhuzhou Power Machinery Co., Ltd. accounted for a quarter of the total output last year, and the growth rate also reached more than 50%

Huang Xiangdong said that the main business income of Enterprises above Designated Size in the machinery industry in the province will exceed trillion yuan in five years of 201 tensile fixture [grip], and strive to enter the top ten in China

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