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New image unveiled at BMW Exhibition "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division" of Lovol construction machinery supply side reform

new image unveiled at BMW Exhibition "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division" of Lovol construction machinery supply side reform

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on November, 2016, BMW China was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Lovol construction machinery, as one of the most successful high-precision stay wire encoders in the construction machinery industry, first of all, Chinese chemical enterprises are deciding whether to carry out mergers and acquisitions. With the theme of "smart Lovol quality Chengnuo", Lovol construction machinery appeared in this exhibition with newly upgraded excavators and loaders, and held a release ceremony for the brand image upgrading of Lovol construction machinery in the exhibition area. At this top-level event of Asia's largest construction machinery industry, with the rhythm of Lovol loader China's first hip-hop dance, Lovol construction machinery, which appeared with a new brand image, was comprehensively displayed at a new starting point and new height

under the mode of global R & D and global operation, Lovol construction machinery group is relying on the R & D innovation system of international layout, making full use of Qingdao's regional advantages, actively integrating global advantageous resources, and is starting a new round of strategic deployment with its unique regional advantages and import and export advantages

after more than ten years of development, Lovol construction machinery business has completed the product architecture and core manufacturing layout. Driven by the forward-looking enterprise strategy and the international vision, technology and brand, Lovol construction machinery further defined the positioning of "high-quality and reliable global leading brand of construction machinery", and through the reform of the supply side, skillfully "add, subtract, multiply and divide", it quickly moved towards the road of growth

the "subtraction" and "division" of West Coast Yang Fan Lovol construction machinery

a year ago, Lovol construction machinery group moved its loader base in Weifang to Qingdao, which was previously only the excavator R & D and manufacturing base of Lovol construction machinery group, which means that LOVOL Construction Machinery Group completely takes Qingdao as its business center of construction machinery. In recent years, Qingdao's economy has developed rapidly, and the west coast where Lovol construction machinery group is located is one of the most economically dynamic regions in Qingdao. It is not difficult to see the future development choice of LOVOL Construction Machinery Group - based on Qingdao and integrating global resources

after the implementation of the collectivization strategy of construction machinery, Lovol is more step by step. At present, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group has formed a collectivized business and organization system of three capability centers, "product creation + commodity manufacturing + service support", and three business operation centers, "domestic marketing companies + key customer companies + overseas marketing companies". Integrating into the advantages of Qingdao's "the Belt and Road" to expand opening-up, Lovol engineering machinery continues to accelerate the pace of globalization strategy and increase the strength and depth of exploring the international market while deepening the domestic market and growing

from diversified product lines to core products, from multi tonnage product lines to powerful core production lines. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Lovol construction machinery only engaged in excavator and loader earthwork machinery business; Excavators focus on products below 50t, and loaders focus on products of 2~8t. For the core business of excavators and loaders that will focus on development in the future, Lovol has a prudent strategic goal: Lovol will adhere to customer demand-oriented, develop and manufacture high-quality construction machinery products with high reliability, make steady progress on the basis of both, and gradually achieve the set goals in 2017, 2018 and 2020

before the collectivization of construction machinery, Lovol's loader and excavator channels existed independently. In the next three years, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group will gradually integrate the two channels, and new agents should have the ability to sell Lovol brand excavators and loaders at the same time. Build a strong network channel system through planned training and capacity improvement plans for agents

obviously, by focusing on "core business" and doing "subtraction" and "division", Lovol construction machinery is more pragmatic today

the "addition" and "multiplication" of product innovation from manufacturing to "intelligent manufacturing"

LOVOL Construction Machinery Group has established a positive R & D system with the help of the advantages of globalization technology to ensure the intelligence, reliability, efficiency, safety and comfort of products. To this end, Lovol engineering machinery has continued to invest in R & D and continue to improve the product quality of "customer satisfaction"

based on the perfect international R & D system, Lovol construction machinery group took the lead in the practice of positive R & D system among national brands. By drawing on the technical experience of more than 40 years of old Japanese experts, and with the joint cooperation of R & D personnel from China and Japan, Lovol heavy industries has spared no effort to build three CL-5 laboratories, two of which are for the experimental design of 46t and 37T excavators in Osaka, Japan, CL-5 laboratory in Qingdao Lovol construction machinery headquarters is specially designed for 22T excavator experiment

in addition, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group has many components that are subject to contraction in the project. Through forward research and development, it conducts research on the customer needs of mainstream models in the market, forms a product concept after analyzing and processing the needs, and then carries out research and development based on the trinity of 'computer simulation, field design and field experimental verification', transforming the needs of users into the performance goals of products, By establishing the model and simulating it in the computer, we can repeatedly verify the possible problems and continuously improve them, then enter the detailed design stage, cooperate with suppliers and factory manufacturing links, carry out trial production and mass production, and finally simulate the real working environment of customers in the field test field to carry out the whole machine experiment. It is understood that with such a smooth R & D process, the probability of problems in the later stage is very low, and even if there are problems, they can be quickly fed back and solved. At present, the R & D cycle of new products of LOVOL Construction Machinery Group has been shortened from more than three years to one and a half to two years

intellectualization is the product highlight created by many construction machinery enterprises in recent years. Lovol is no exception. "Smart Lovol, quality honesty" is the core concept of Lovol (2) dig a hole downward in the installation position of the experimental machine

in terms of intelligence, Lovol engineering machinery group, in combination with the national III emission engine electronic control technology, has adopted intelligent interactive instruments and intelligent GPS system in its new products, forming an intelligent monitoring network with engines, GPS and sensors to monitor the working state of the whole vehicle "all-weather and seamless". According to the designer, there will be an alarm prompt when the vehicle breaks down, and the fault will be diagnosed quickly and accurately, which is convenient for maintenance and treatment. At the same time, the system collects the working parameters and other data of the whole vehicle, transmits them to the monitoring platform through the wireless network, realizes the remote management of the vehicle through the monitoring platform, and analyzes the returned data, so as to provide customers and agents with value-added services through interconnection

at present, Lovol is in the transition stage of products to higher quality. Market recognition is particularly important. If the product quality is not qualified, the realization of all goals is impossible. By "adding" and "multiplying" the products, the problems can be solved before the products go out of the factory gate, so that the products can better adapt to the market

through the "four operations" of the supply side reform, Lovol construction machinery takes "quality integrity" as the first priority of product research and development and manufacturing, and provides users with intelligent, scientific and efficient systematic solutions with "intelligent Lovol", so as to never forget the original intention, continue to improve and improve, and build a legend in the construction machinery industry. (he Hongfei)

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