The hottest new ice cream filling equipment in Qin

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Qingdao Zhongjian new ice cream filling equipment

the new ice cream filling machine developed by Qingdao Zhongjian food equipment factory can well solve the defects such as inaccurate positioning, deviation from the minimum thickness difference of the order surface when extruding and slicing into the cup, The "several opinions of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the refractory industry" pointed out that the production technology of ice cream filling equipment in China has stepped up to a new level

this equipment can be used for cup ice cream, ice cream cone (plus wrapping paper sealing), with the function of special-shaped extrusion slicing and cup filling. The model is disc intermittent worktable, double row filling at the same time, 18 stations, with a maximum production capacity of 3000 pieces/hour and stepless speed change. Its structure and performance fully meet the requirements of experimental specifications. The designs and colors can be filled in single, double and three colors. In particular, the patterns can be adjusted and changed at will on the equipment according to the needs of the variety of patterns in the market

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