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Southwest nanotechnologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as "sweet") announced on August 19 that the company is producing special multi walled carbon nanotubes for nanoridge Materials Inc. these carbon nanotubes have been used in enhanced human armor to improve the protection of soldiers and law enforcement personnel in light weapons combat. Sweet, located in Norman, Oklahoma, USA, is an enterprise engaged in the production of single wall and special multi wall carbon nanotubes

swnt's model smw100 carbon nanotubes will be used in a very advanced field of nanotechnology, and will produce a stronger, lighter human armor with greater impact resistance and reduced bullet penetration depth

this new armor will be produced by nanoridge's client Riley solutions to resist the most devastating light weapons war. The U.S. Department of Defense advanced research program will conduct rigorous testing and evaluation of this armor. "Once the armor passes the test, the U.S. military and law enforcement personnel will have better, lighter and cheaper armor than before," said Kyle Kissell Ph.D, technical consultant of Riley solutions, "After evaluating many different products during the festival, Riley solutions finally chose SWNT's smw100 carbon nanotubes. Riley solutions believes that the characteristics and commercial scalability of this kind of carbon nanotubes will meet the needs of our national protection devices and save lives."

"we feel very honored to provide nanoridge with smw100 carbon nanotubes when the input signal of the instrument is not greater than this interference signal, and use them in breakthrough nano reinforced armor products," said Dave Arthur, CEO of sweet. "Our patented comocat processing technology provides a guarantee for product quality and cost control."

"it is very correct to choose swent's smw100 carbon nanotubes. This kind of carbon nanotubes is economical, easy to disperse in polymers, and can help equipment measure more and form a very strong complex, so as to improve the structural properties of composites", said Chris Lundberg, CEO of nanoridge, "In addition, the production capacity of sweet and the ability to always ensure that the product quality can easily meet the experimental requirements are very important to the U.S. Department of defense."

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