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The rise of new industrial bases in Dalian, Liaoning

under the background of fully building Liaoning coastal economic belt, Dalian, as the leader and core, is closely focusing on the revitalization goal of building "four bases", forming a new industrial system with four advantageous industries of petrochemical, shipbuilding, modern equipment manufacturing and electronic information as the pillar and modern service industries such as logistics, finance, tourism and software as the support. This city, which carries ambition with a giant ship, is chopping waves and sailing away in the construction of a new industrial base

shoulder the important task of building "two regions and one belt"

play a leading role in the overall revitalization of Liaoning and take the lead in the province. This is the high expectation of the country and Liaoning Province on Dalian. "To build Dalian into a new industrial base is the historical mission entrusted to Dalian by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the ardent expectation of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government for Dalian, and an important symbol of the overall revitalization of Dalian's old industrial base." Xia Deren, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, said. In terms of the construction of new industrial bases, Dalian first focuses on advantageous industries such as equipment manufacturing, petrochemical industry and shipbuilding, especially the strategic requirement of building a world-class advanced equipment manufacturing base in the "two regions and one belt" proposed by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, so as to expand the scale of industrial agglomeration and recreate new industrial advantages

in 2008, the "two zones and one belt" of Dalian has initially formed a world-class industrial cluster of heavy equipment and auto parts in the coastal area of Dalian Bay and the port area of Dayaowan. At the same time, with the completion and operation of Sinopec's 20million ton oil refining expansion, the commissioning of Yisheng Dahua PTA project, and the formation of Dagushan Peninsula petrochemical industry base. As these emerging industrial bases are characterized by high scientific and technological content and large amount of investment, they have obvious market competitive advantages. Last year, the added value of industries above Designated Size in the city increased by 24% year-on-year

independent innovation promotes the development of high-tech industries

at present, Dalian has formed a relatively perfect manufacturing industry system, has a high level of technology and strong independent research and development capabilities, has cultivated a number of backbone enterprises such as locomotive, iceberg, tile axle, shipbuilding heavy industry, and has introduced a number of well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, such as Hitachi, Sanyo, Toyota, Volkswagen, STX, etc

in 2008, the city further expanded the development space of Lvshun South Road software industry belt, and the software projects of six world's top 500 enterprises, including Cisco, including two production lines introduced from abroad, have successively settled here. The Intel chip project with an investment of 2.5 billion US dollars is under construction, and upstream and downstream manufacturers related to the project have gathered in Dalian

after five years of development, Dalian has become the largest production and processing base of electronic information products in Northeast China, and an important export and outsourcing base of software services in China. It has been successively identified as the software industry and export base, the national software industry internationalization demonstration city, the national software copyright protection demonstration City, the national animation and game industry base, etc

at the same time, the modern service industry in Dalian has sprung up, accounting for half of the city's total economy. In 2008, five financial institutions including Citibank settled in Dalian, and Centennial life insurance and Standard Chartered Bank Dalian Branch were approved for preparation; Only when the futures trading volume of the big commercial exchange reaches 27 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 128.5% can it be selected. The logistics industry has a strong momentum of development, and a number of world-renowned logistics enterprises such as nitong and near rail have gathered in Dalian Free Trade Zone and development zone. Modern commerce has developed rapidly, and a number of modern commercial projects such as IKEA in Sweden have been introduced

build "one island and three bays" in a down-to-earth manner

in the past five years, the Revitalization Strategy of the old industrial base in Northeast China has been implemented, and the four dominant industries in Dalian have developed rapidly and become more prominent. After five years of transformation and upgrading, the shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing, petrochemical and electronic information industries have reached a new level in terms of scale and level, and the industrial agglomeration is getting higher and higher

taking advantage of the construction of a new national industrial base, Dalian is making every effort to build an international shipping center in Northeast Asia. At the same time, Dalian has also done a good job in port planning, fully absorbed foreign capital and social capital, and focused on promoting the construction of "one island, three bays" core functional areas of Dagushan Peninsula, Dayao Bay, Nianyu Bay and Dalian Bay, as well as the development and construction of Changxing Island. In terms of urban development, Dalian "expands from the west to the north" and promotes the internationalization of urban functions and the construction of logistics, commerce, finance, information and industrial transfer centers. The development goal is to build Dalian into an important trunk port and transit port in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, and become an international shipping center focusing on serving the hinterland of the northeast

develop advantageous industries and characteristics with unique insight. The second level is low-pressure sealing park.

develop key advantageous industries and characteristic parks, which reflects the pride of Dalian in building a national new industrial base. At present, the city is making efforts to build the coastal petrochemical industrial belt of Liaodong Peninsula, vigorously develop the power industry, and enhance high-tech industries. In the field of high-tech industries that have a major driving force for economic growth, Dalian will build three bases: software industry, electronic information and product manufacturing, and bioengineering and pharmaceutical

in addition, the city also plans to build a number of specialized parks to promote the development of industrial clusters. In 2004, Dalian made full use of the abandoned state-owned salt fields and beaches in the coastal waters, and planned to build 11 industrial parks along the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, referred to as "one island and ten districts", with a total planning area of more than 400 square kilometers, effectively solving the problem of insufficient space for industrial development. Relying on the bonded port area, Dalian plans to build Dagushan Peninsula bonded logistics park, extending the logistics function of the bonded port area to the twenty mile fort in Jinzhou district and northeast hinterland cities such as Shenyang, Changchun and Harbin, and building a bonded logistics network that radiates the coastal and northeast regions of Liaoning and connects Northeast Asia

at the same time, Dalian has also focused on the construction of a large number of distinctive logistics centers, distribution centers, distribution centers, and completed the construction of information service systems such as "Hong Kong Railway connection" and "district port linkage", which has formed a public internal branch network centered on Dalian port and radiating the entire Bohai Sea port, and the logistics information service has basically reached the international advanced level. B02a Zhang Lulu

digital development

in 2008, the four bases of petrochemical, shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing and electronic information achieved an industrial added value of 93.03 billion yuan, accounting for 66.5% of the added value of all industries above designated size

in 2008, the added value of modern equipment manufacturing industry was 39.65 billion yuan, an increase of 24.9%

in 2008, the electronic information industry achieved an added value of 9.21 billion yuan, an increase of 13.8%

the sales revenue of the software and service outsourcing industry in the city increased from 4.5 billion yuan in 2003 to 30.6 billion yuan in 2008, an increase of 5.8 times; The export volume increased from 120million US dollars in 2003 to 1.05 billion US dollars, an increase of 7.8 times

at present, there are more than 1300 logistics and related enterprises, 730 marine auxiliary enterprises and 314 warehousing enterprises in the city

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