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Beijer Electronics' new IX helps Alfa Laval centrifuges improve their competitive advantage

Beijer Electronics' new IX helps Peter Blomberg and his colleagues engaged in automatic control create a graphical interface. The interface created by Alfa Laval is as convenient as using to build sedimentation centrifuges and other cutting-edge equipment. This graphical interface designed to meet user needs has been accepted and appreciated by customers. At the same time, the new HMI solution saves time and money in installation and service

Peter Blomberg is now an automatic control manager. He has worked in Alfa Laval for three years. He said the company was very proud to produce reliable and cost-effective machines with a long service life. The strategic requirements of the company's development also include that Alfa Laval's machine products must be easy to operate and use: "our goal is to create a machine as convenient as a personal computer or."

during the installation and commissioning at the Australian customer, Beijer electronics15 inch touch screen panel is used to operate the sedimentation centrifuge. In order to operate in the dusty and humid industrial environment and realize all functions of the product, an IP67 wax seal has been installed behind the operation panel

Australia said that the consignment receipt of the sedimentation centrifuge was stuffed into a large wooden box. One of the most important reasons why the machines produced in s Borg factory in Denmark can be successfully exported to all parts of the world is that the products are of high quality

simple operation

for Alfa Laval, the feature of simple operation is not only a selling point of the product, but also the focus of its quality. The latest symbolic graphical interface 2touch was successfully developed with the help of Beijer electronics IX developers, and 2touch is a perfect solution with important intentions

'this design concept is based on the fact that all information should be easily available when needed.'

when the finger presses on any symbol on the screen, the operator only needs to open the menu to see the operation data, adjust the parameters, confirm the login alarm or change the menu language. Yellow 12. The stainless steel super large liner label explains the meaning of different handles for each option

on the screen, the start, pause and stop buttons mean the same as the buttons on the DVD player at home. By clicking on the screen, you can browse to the electronic manual, which allows the operator to understand the machine itself through text description or by watching an introductory video. Alfa Laval has undoubtedly moved customers by designing products that meet the needs of consumers, and this product is in the leading position in increasing the simplicity of application. Peter Blomberg is very clear about why he should work in this direction

'the HMI solution has buttons with different colors and hidden text messages on the oversized screen, which was yesterday. '

the simplicity of product operation is obvious. Peter Blomberg frankly said that there are still many challenges so far. Before the release of IX, Beijer electronics decided to establish a new graphical operating environment to upgrade the automatic control platform, which is the largest and most ambitious development achievement of Beijer electronics

'due to the early investment in development and design, we not only gain unique knowledge, but also have more important advantages than our competitors.'

more than 50 models of new generation sedimentation centrifuges with new user interfaces have been sent to users all over the world. Sedimentation centrifuges are not just 2touch machines

'other models of machines (heat transfer, separation and fluidity processors) in our three product areas will also be upgraded to the new platform.'

evaluation of more than 12 different HMI concepts

although there are still many emerging problems to be solved, Peter Blomberg does not regret Alfa Laval's premature launch of IX. This is a good decision. The project started after 9 months of in-depth evaluation of more than 12 different HMI concepts

'no other vendor can offer the same specifications and the possibility of adding graphics to an open structure.'

alfa Laval's employees and customers are distributed all over the world. An important point of view in the selection is that Beijer electronics is a company that pays great attention to technology, has excellent mechanisms and is active in the world

customize the image features of Alfa Laval

the development tool IX developer is a well structured tool that is very useful for setting and sorting. Experienced HMI experience is not so important for establishing basic applications in Windows environment. In fact, it doesn't take much time

existing projects can be reused. In addition to this, Beijer electronics also provides some good and tested buttons and modules. Companies different from Alfa Laval are not willing to build customized buttons, which can benefit from the standard settings of the overall library

'we have done a lot of work to customize the interface of our image features', Peter Blomberg said,' who will appreciate the ability of the seller's graphics to make simple and clear photos under arbitrary magnification. '

ix has flexibility in addition to openness and graphics. Peter Blomberg said that HMI solutions control most. 1. How to evaluate the achievement of the "1025" new material industry development goals? The control system works. Unlike other competitors, these are evaluated, and the connection between HMI and OLC products is often very close

'although nearly 100 relevant personages from China Composite Industry Association, customers and media were invited to participate in the ceremony and customer open day activities, from b&r, flexibility is crucial for us. The customer may have a ready-made control system or have a demand for other OLC brands or industrial computers. "

'support for OPC provides comprehensive freedom to choose communication protocols. Alfa Laval's products are integrated with the equipment of other suppliers on the same production line, which is very important in many cases. In fact, the conversion between different protocols can be realized in real time

technological changes have more advantages

the touch panel of the sedimentation centrifuge can make the operator's work convenient through the excellent intuition in the process. Technological changes also provide Alfa Laval technicians with an advantage:

'end users will feel comfortable and we can get simplified installation and maintenance services at the same time'peter Blomberg said,' if the machine can't be used, there will be nothing, and time is money. '

today, Alfa Laval engineers can obtain all functions and information through the operation panel. There is no need to connect a laptop with a line to solve the problem in the future. Upgrading the system software of a machine is as easy as plugging a memory stick into the USB panel connector. The ability to remotely monitor and process machines or production lines by debugging demodulators is another added value

'with a visually pleasing HMI solution today and in the next few years, we can achieve our goals.' Peter Blomberg concluded

the operation panel with 2touch makes management easier, even for other machine products of Alfa Laval. In addition to separators and sedimentation centrifuges, other cooling, heating and fluid treatment products also belong to the company's best-selling products

constant development

the sedimentation centrifuge is composed of a rotating screw conveyor, which can separate solids and liquids. The basic idea is the same as that Gustaf de will have more factories to build Laval's classic separator in the future. This separator formed the foundation of the company more than 100 years ago. Alfa Laval has spent many years to develop into a global company with 11500 employees, 20 products and equipment and a turnover of 26billion SEK

sedimentation centrifuges can be used in different production environments by changing the design, height, etc. The difference between sedimentation centrifuge and separator is that sedimentation centrifuge can separate larger particles. Sedimentation centrifuges can be used in food and oil production, as well as dewatering from sludge in sewage treatment plants. (end)

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