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The new identity of UAV "air Chengguan" helps the smart city

from the office to the kitchen, to the bathroom and bedroom, our daily life will gradually be surrounded by devices connected to the Internet. Smart speakers such as Amazon echo and Google home can understand every word of us, waiting for the next "heylaxa" or "okgoogle" command to be issued

"moisten things silently", intelligent hardware represented by intelligent speakers suddenly broke into our lives and played the role of life partners. But this time, I want to put aside the smart speaker and talk with you about another partner in life - UAV

bid farewell to the identity of "aerial photography assistant", and the UAV incarnates as "air urban management"

most people's understanding of UAV still stays in the "aerial photography assistant". Indeed, almost all the aerial vision of promotional videos cannot be separated from the assistance of UAV. But now, it's time to turn the page on the identity of UAV "aerial photography assistant"

in June this year, a UAV law enforcement squadron was established in Chaoyang District, Changchun, and UAVs officially became a new member of Changchun urban management. Due to its wide field of vision, good mobility, strong timeliness and wide range of patrol, UAV has solved many problems of urban law enforcement. Unmanned aerial vehicles can not only patrol and collect evidence in areas that urban human urban management cannot touch, such as the evidence collection of high-rise illegal construction, but also provide real-time feedback to relevant departments. The panoramic image of the bird's eye view can also be clearly transmitted to the "smart urban management" platform, which saves an important basis for law enforcement

it can be said that the UAV incarnated as "urban management in the air" not only makes the "urban disease" nowhere to hide, but also greatly improves the efficiency of law enforcement, making urban law enforcement intelligent, simple and error free

however, China is not the only one who "likes" the use of drones for law enforcement

On July 1, Ohio State University officially launched a pilot project with unmanned aerial vehicles as the protagonist. The project will use unmanned aerial vehicles for road and traffic monitoring on the 35 mile long highway (smart mobile corridor) between Dublin and East liberal province. The UAV will work with the existing fixed traffic camera to monitor the traffic condition of the road and make emergency response to the accident. Sensors and communication equipment will send the UAV monitoring data back to the traffic management center of the Ohio Department of transportation. This unmanned traffic management scheme will improve the speed and efficiency of the Department of transportation in dealing with road conditions

it can be said that whether it is Changchun "air urban management" or Ohio State University's proposal to monitor traffic with UAVs, the UAV that bid farewell to the "aerial photography assistant" is more powerful than you and I imagined, and it is more flexible than the fixed lens. It has become the only choice in the construction of intelligent transportation. By recording urban roads and traffic conditions in real time, UAVs will be able to feed back traffic accidents or road problems faster than traditional cameras, so that the Ministry of transport can respond faster and avoid the accumulation of traffic problems

in the foreseeable future, in addition to road monitoring, drones may also be used to monitor autonomous vehicle. Even though we haven't seen the application landing yet, it is completely feasible to use the equipment transmitted by UAV to take electronic experimental traffic information to help drivers and AI make wise decisions. For example, if there is a traffic accident on the road ahead, the vehicle can automatically plan a new route from the traffic information obtained from the UAV

speaking of this, if your impression of UAV still stays on Dajiang's self timer artifact, it's really weak

unmanned aerial vehicles open the door of the police market and increase the construction of safe cities

in fact, before obtaining the new identity of "air urban management", unmanned aerial vehicles also have another identity besides "aerial photography assistant" -- "police investigator"

in June this year, Dajiang, a leading enterprise of unmanned aerial vehicles, reached a cooperation with axon, a security company, to sell unmanned aerial vehicles with video functions directly to the police through the axon aviation plan, acting as "police investigators" to ensure urban public safety. This is the latest news about drones in the police market, but it is not the first way for us to understand the identity of drones as "police investigators"

last year's big fire movie "war wolf 2" ignited our patriotism and gave us a new understanding of UAV

in warwolf 2, mercenaries use unmanned aerial vehicles to sneak into the factory and use image acquisition and transmission to obtain the situation in the factory. In the next battle, drones can also search for targets, fire bullets, strafe, and even carry small rockets. In the course of the battle, they almost killed workers still on the ground unilaterally

it turns out that in addition to "aerial photography assistant", drones still operate like this? Although UAVs in real life cannot directly participate in the battle process, UAVs that can detect have indeed been widely used in the police market. Search and rescue, patrol and surveillance, anti-terrorism reconnaissance, anti riot search and arrest... When the public security department uses unmanned aerial vehicles for security monitoring, once a hazardous event occurs, the unmanned aerial vehicles can arrive at the scene earlier than the police, and use image acquisition and transmission to enable the police to grasp the location of the hazard source in real time and carry out full-scale containment, so as to prevent the hazard source from causing more harm in time and increase the safety of the city

urban safety as a part of Ping'an City, drones have played a pioneering role as "police investigators", but in addition, drones will add more air power to Ping'an city. There are dangers in the city all the time. The police can use drones to build a patrol network at low altitude, give the city a completely modern security and traffic inspection solution, and promote the construction of a safe city

when UAV assisted the Illinois police department in solving the case for the 25th time, we have witnessed the strength of UAV in the police market, but what unknown police market will UAV open? In the words of Chris Anderson, it can be summarized that any work that requires the police to leave their feet off the ground can be completed by drones in the future

it can be predicted that in the future, unmanned aerial vehicles will become the nightmare of accident drivers and absconded personnel...

unmanned aerial vehicles have a promising future, but the three major pain points need to be solved urgently

the emergence of anything has two sides, and so does unmanned aerial vehicles. While embracing the identities of "aerial photography assistant", "air urban management" and "police investigator", there are three major pain points that need to be solved urgently

first of all, as drones gradually enter the homes of ordinary people, it is common for drones to participate in smuggling, lose contact with drones, smash people, and break into military restricted zones. Even though the Civil Aviation Administration has issued the "Regulations on the registration and management of civil unmanned aerial vehicles under real name system" in May last year, the State Council and the office of the air traffic control commission of the Central Military Commission also issued the "Interim Regulations on the flight management of unmanned aerial vehicles (draft for comments)", requiring the owners of civil unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out real name registration. However, human behavior is full of unknowns and uncontrollability. How to prevent criminals from using drones for illegal acts is still the most difficult problem in the supervision of drones

secondly, UAVs in the process of smart city construction are equipped with high-definition digital cameras and cameras, as well as GPS positioning systems, and receive relevant video data for transmission through the above standard configuration. However, the topic of data transmission is often tied with data security. In the process of data transmission, how the relevant departments will avoid the data being hacked and counted, and why it is selected for the leakage of water inlet (outlet) parts of polimotor 2, so as to ensure data security is still an inevitable topic of the times

in addition, in addition to the construction of the relevant UAV city network, UAV itself also has a fatal defect - endurance problem. Long term operation will inevitably generate a lot of energy consumption, and most commercial UAVs can't fly continuously for too long, so it may be unrealistic to use UAVs as long-term monitoring tools, which means that we must solve the endurance problem of UAVs. Whether the future UAV can bid farewell to battery driving and usher in a new driving mode is a problem that can only be solved by technology based on the small travel of this kind of experimental machine

from our aerial playthings to the backbone of the smart city, the adaptive tension machine itself adopts automatic processing, and the UAV used for "dull, dirty or dangerous" tasks constantly refreshes our understanding of it. Smart medicine, smart logistics, smart agriculture... Drones have penetrated into all aspects of life. Can drones become a new way to monitor traffic in the future? Can it become a nightmare for criminals? Time will surely give us satisfactory answers

how amazing and great it sounds

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