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XCMG's high-altitude working platform of new industry new force exceeded 100 million yuan, with an increase of 145%. The result said:

new industry new force XCMG's high-altitude working platform exceeded 100 million yuan, with an increase of 145%

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recently, it was learned from the marketing company of XCMG fire equipment company that in 2016, the sales volume of XCMG's high-altitude working platform increased by 145% year-on-year, and the market sales exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time, with a year-on-year increase of 67%, With advanced product performance and brand strength, XCMG's aerial work platform has become a "bright sword" of XCMG's gold digging aerial industry

in 2016, XCMG fire protection company took the opportunity of the company's independent operation, based on the domestic market, and took meeting the needs of global customers as its own responsibility, and actively promoted the completion of the existing products, the maximum overall dimension of the unified excellent 21 host (mm) 1100 × nine hundred × 2510, upgrading research and development, maintain and further Chengde zongchi has unveiled high-tech and advanced main products, and further optimized the characteristic advantages of the products. For the new generation of high reliability, high adaptability, high-tech and intelligent high-altitude equipment, it is necessary to check whether the computer software setting is correct; Or recalibrate and revise the displacement system product cluster, which was intensively unveiled on the international stages such as the 2016 BMW Shanghai Exhibition and the BMW India exhibition. The products were sold in large batches in large and medium-sized cities in China such as Tianjin, Guangzhou and Nanjing. At the same time, under the implementation of XCMG's "the Belt and Road" strategy, the Philippines and India achieved their first export. The complete set of XCMG's aerial work platform equipment has frequently "emerged" in municipal, petrochemical, construction, airport, large-scale exhibitions, and has assisted in the construction of major domestic exhibitions and construction projects such as the 2016 Zhuhai Air Show, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Hefei BOE, further highlighting the brand effect of XCMG's aerial industry

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