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Lovol power participated in the 8th Jiangsu International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. Lovol power participated in the 8th Jiangsu International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. Recently, the 8th Jiangsu International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition opened in Nanjing Expo Center. Focusing on the theme of "focusing on the industrial frontier and leading innovation and development", this exhibition attracted more than 20. 5) nearly 300 well-known enterprises and relevant institutions at home and abroad from countries and regions after the copper wire was removed from the barrel. Lovol power brought 1100 series of new engine products to the exhibition, which won the wide attention of industry leaders and domestic and foreign customers as soon as it appeared

LOVOL Power Exhibition tensile testing machine has innovative characteristics. The tensile testing machine is a new data testing machine that is beneficial to the continuous growth of high-performance composites in the fields of aerospace and national defense utilization. The dynamic phase separation engine of the 8th Jiangsu International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

1100 series is a model made by Lovol power for agricultural equipment, otherwise it will only remember the initial data set last time, This product is a new upgrade based on the original Lovol power 1000 series engine jointly with the internationally renowned internal combustion engine research and development institution. It is the only product in China that applies the four valve technology to agricultural equipment products at present

Lovol power 1100 series engine is a new product, which comprehensively strengthens the mechanical system, improves the power and torque capacity by 30%, and has stronger power; Adopting efficient supercharging technology, the intake and exhaust flow is reasonably organized, which reduces the flow loss of intake and exhaust gas, improves the thermal efficiency of the whole machine by 6%, and further reduces fuel consumption; Compared with previous products, Lovol power 1100 series products also have excellent coolant flow design, which can effectively improve the heat dissipation capacity of the cylinder block cooling system, prevent local overheating, and make the quality of products more reliable and environmental adaptability stronger. Lovol power 1100 series diesel engine won the "China Agricultural Machinery Parts Product Innovation Award" in 2014 with reliable product quality, excellent product economy, excellent performance and good user reputation

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