The hottest Lovol round baler is newly upgraded fo

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Lovol round baler - new upgrade, coming for you

Lovol round baler - new upgrade, coming for you

2019 - short range of new energy urgent accounting analysis shows that China's construction machinery information needs to be supplemented

with China's agriculture accelerating the transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw is up to more than 80%, and about 180 million tons of grass and 750 million tons of straw can be recycled, The demand for straw baling equipment is rising. At the 2019 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, Lovol mf7045 round baler products were unveiled with a new image, which attracted the attention of customers. Customers and friends continued to come to consult and understand

Lovol staff explained Lovol round baler products to users

in fact, it is not only the appearance "bright", but also the internal strength upgrading. First of all, the product has better adaptability for operation, which can adapt to a variety of crops and multi seasons. 6. Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz industry, and the environment can adapt to -20 ℃ for normal operation; The product guide increases the grass pressing roller to pre press the grass and pick it up more smoothly; The feeding auger is optimized, and the conveying efficiency is increased by 30%; Upgrade the roller, increase the driving force and friction of the roller to the bale, and ensure the bale forming rate; With a high degree of automation, the hydraulic opening, closing and adjustment of key parts such as traction beam, pickup, cutter, bottom plate and rear door can be completed in the cab, and the positioning module can be added to remotely monitor the operation of the machine; High strength chains are used, and all chains of the whole machine are lubricated with thin oil, etc., so the operation efficiency of the product is higher and the operation performance is more reliable

Lovol agricultural machinery products have attracted much attention

it is reported that Lovol baler products currently have four product platforms, covering a picking width of 1.6m-2.3m, and 12 product models. Among them, the launch of round baler products has further enriched the product portfolio of the Central Plains region. Lovol forage machinery products are reliable, intelligent and efficient, with better adaptability to operation, and can meet the baling operation of wheat, corn, rice and forage

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