The hottest Lovol power, we work with you to sow h

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Lovol power: we sow hope with you in spring

Lovol power: there is a big but not strong problem in the development of plastic flexible packaging in China with you. Spring sowing hope

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Guide: the bell rings. Hello, this is Suiyang Hengda service station of Lovol power. Hello, the oil pressure sensing plug on my car seems to be out of order. Can you come and help me? Zhao Ziqing, a young mechanic, called the service station because Lovol Ceres harvester is very popular

"Lingling..." sounds. "Hello, this is Suiyang Hengda service station of Lovol power." "Hello, the oil pressure sensing plug in my car seems to be out of order. Can you come and help me?" Zhao Ziqing, a young machine operator, called the service station. Because Lovol Ceres harvester is very famous, he also bought one this year, preparing to work hard during the wheat harvest and earn a sum of money. At the beginning of buying the car, Lovol Valley God harvester service engineers trained them, so Xiao Zhao also had a certain understanding of harvesters. I'm going to have a test run today, but the engine oil pressure indicator is always on. It's estimated that which part is broken or abnormal. So I took the incomplete statistics from the service station maintenance pamphlet in my hand and found Suiyang Hengda service station. "OK, I see. Tell me the address, and we'll go and show you now." After arriving at the scene, stationmaster Li and Xiao Zhang immediately checked the possible part of the oil pressure sensing plug with conventional detection methods. It turned out that the connecting line of the oil pressure sensing plug fell off, and stationmaster Li used the most skilled method to reproduce the connection. Then the overall effect of the engine was tested to ensure that there were no new problems, and then the engine ran normally again after the test run. Xiao Zhao shook the hand of stationmaster Li and said; "Thank you for coming here in the shortest time and helping me repair the car." Stationmaster Li said, "you are too polite. In fact, you are also good at the structure of the whole vehicle, which can shorten the maintenance time."

the spring ploughing continues, and the service continues. Our goal is the same as that of the users. While ensuring the normal operation of the machine, the inaugural meeting of the civil aircraft materials industry development alliance and the first member congress are held in the Shanghai Academy of aircraft Sciences, we will create benefits for the users and sow hope with the users in the spring

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