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Lovol auger: make users more "willful"

Premier Li Keqiang lowered China's 2015 GDP growth target to about 7.0% in his government work report, and China's economy has entered the "new normal" of medium and high growth from high growth. Lovol rotary drilling machine, which is in the midst of innovation and change, makes customers more "willful" from product development, product manufacturing, brand service and other aspects

due to the need to develop, the products make users more "willful"

in view of the characteristics of small-scale customers' pursuit of high-efficiency construction, Lovol rotary drill has carried out a comprehensive product upgrade on the basis of the original Lovol fr615c rotary drill products. Through improvement and optimization, the speed of the power head and the lifting and lowering speed of the main winch have been improved, the efficiency of soil shaking and unloading of the drill bucket has been improved, and the efficiency of the equipment in soft formation construction has been guaranteed

aiming at the requirements of large model customers for rock entry performance, Lovol fr630d rock entry rotary drill was customized and developed for them. This model is highly praised by customers for its good rock entry performance, high construction efficiency and strong reliability. In 2013, Lovol fr630d rotary drill won the top ten domestic piling machinery products of the year, and in 2014, it won the title of top 10 Chinese piling machinery products. At the 2014 BMW Shanghai exhibition, Lovol rotary drill with the upgraded version of fr630d Lovol fr632d rotary drill products made a strong landing; On the basis of summarizing the mature experience in the early stage, Lovol fr632d rotary drill is equipped with special working devices and special drilling tools designed and developed by Lovol, which has become another flagship of Lovol rotary drill

lean manufacturing, quality allows users to create wealth at will

Lovol rotary drill has insisted on using internationally renowned brand parts such as Caterpillar chassis and German Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system since its entry into business, so as to ensure the reliability and stability of product hardware. At the same time, the introduction of FMEA (failure mode analysis) and other international cutting-edge design means in the development plan of product design with the new material industry supported by the state will continue to optimize the design process that will provide technical support for China's medical high molecular materials and device manufacturing industry to ensure zero defects in product design; Introduce the concept of lean production in manufacturing, improve the level of assembly technology and the quality of workers, and ensure the high quality of product assembly; Ensure the completeness of the masonry before the equipment leaves the factory; Ensure that the bricks for masonry are heated evenly within the range of thermal expansion requirements, and adopt PDI (pre-sales inspection) inspection method to ensure that the products are free of faults

brand service, make users worry free throughout the whole process.

the after-sales service and working method support of the rotary drill are the most concerned by the customer after purchasing the machine, and the quality of the after-sales service will also directly affect the customer satisfaction. In this regard, Lovol auger has continuously optimized its service mode, created a new standardized service system and platform, continued to implement the "standardized, standardized and differentiated" service mode, adjusted and optimized the service terminal and internal management, implemented the regional responsibility system, and formed a terminal "service theater". At the same time, Lovol rotary drilling service team integrates resources according to the centralized area of rotary drilling construction, strengthens service force, improves response speed, and continuously improves customer satisfaction

since Foton Lovol heavy industry entered the rotary drilling business in 2004, Lovol rotary drilling has been in the industry for 11 years. Over the past 11 years, Lovol rotary drill has continuously worked hard to meet the needs of different types of customers. Customer satisfaction has been continuously improved, and has established a good reputation in the industry

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