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Lovol public welfare care program for left behind children entered Inner Mongolia station

Lovol public welfare care program for left behind children entered Inner Mongolia station

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the launching ceremony of "Lovol public welfare care program for left behind children" Inner Mongolia station was recently held in the playground of the Mongolian primary school in eqian banner, Inner Mongolia. Relevant leaders of the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Foton Lovol heavy industry attended the event. At the event site, the guests distributed 500 yuan of scholarships and school supplies to each of the 13 representatives of assisted children, and visited some families of poor left behind children after the event, sending them daily necessities

it is reported that this is the first time that the "Lovol public welfare · care for left behind Children program" has entered the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. As the first stop of Lovol public welfare in Inner Mongolia in 2014, Lovol public welfare will donate 300000 yuan of scholarships to 200 left behind children in etokeqian banner, which will be distributed over three years

leading guests and Lovol volunteers visited Ma Jianchuan's home

close communication with left behind children

<6: supporting rollers and dispensing devices: this part is the clamping part of the sample (reinforcement). P> the Ejian Mongolian Primary School of Lovol public welfare care this time is a school with national characteristics that further expands the brand popularity of Inner Mongolia. In order not to occupy the children's class time, the time of the launching ceremony of Lovol public welfare Inner Mongolia station care activity was arranged during the morning recess exercise. The school teachers and students witnessed the launching ceremony together in the school playground, and welcomed and thanked Foton Lovol heavy industry for its donation of care activities for left behind children in Inner Mongolia

after the ceremony, the volunteers and the children had a physical education class on the playground to communicate closely with the left behind children. "The fingers of both hands are overlapped up and down, the two thumbs are aligned and parallel, press on the second knuckle of the middle finger of the upper hand, the palm roots are close, and the two arms are stretched out and clamped." Lovol volunteer Liu Chengqing is patiently explaining the basic action essentials of playing volleyball to children

reproduce the "certificate wall"

"five brothers of the Ma family" are five children from a poor left behind children family donated by Lovol public welfare in Pingyu District, Henan Province. Because their two sons go out to work, mazhifa and Jia Aizhi, who are in their 60s, take care of their five grandchildren at home, but they study very well. Every year, they get a pile of certificates from school, and the walls of their home are covered with certificates. So far, Lovol public welfare has funded the "five brothers of the Ma family" for three years, but in the process of one-on-one pairing with five children, Lovol public welfare volunteers are moved every time they walk into the home of these five children and see the "certificate wall"

when visiting the families of poor left behind children at Mongolia station this time, the "certificate wall" appeared again. When Lovol volunteers walked into Liu Yuanyuan's home, a "certificate wall" came into view again, "Chinese star", "reading ambassador", "learning pacesetter", "three good students", and so on. Although her family is not rich, Liu Yuanyuan, who is in the fourth grade this year, is very sensible. In addition to often helping her grandparents do what she can, she is outstanding in school and gets several awards every year

when Lovol volunteers handed the financial aid and life consolation goods to grandma xiaoyuanyuan, grandma couldn't help crying, "Yuanyuan's father was paralyzed in bed when she was 2 years old, and she just died during the summer vacation this year. It's very difficult at home. Yuanyuan is sensible. Thank you, I will definitely provide for her children to study hard." When the volunteers left xiaoyuanyuan's home, xiaoyuanyuan had been hiding behind the door and watching from a distance for a long time. She knew that there were many kind-hearted people watching her in addition to her grandparents

little man

Ma Jianchuan is one of the 200 subsidized children in the Inner Mongolia station. His father works outside all year round and only comes home once a year. He lacks parental care, but he has a "little man" spirit at a young age. As soon as he arrived at his door, Ma Jianchuan let the volunteers into the room like a little adult. Pony told the volunteers that he would do all the work at home and would never be idle at home. When the volunteer mentioned that grandpa was working outside, pony's mood was a little depressed. "I don't want to let Grandpa go out to work. Grandpa has backache and is not in good health. I can do whatever grandpa can do. When I grow up, I will earn money to support my family and let grandpa and grandma enjoy happiness at home." Hearing a second grade child say such words moved the people present. When the volunteers sent grants and school supplies to the pony, the pony told the volunteers with a serious expression, "thank you, I will often help other students in school."

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