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Lovol rotary drilling service personnel worked hard for 30 hours to perform "wholeheartedly for you"

Lovol rotary drilling service personnel worked hard for 30 hours to perform "wholeheartedly for you"

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Guide: a service came home. Lovol rotary drilling service personnel worked hard for 30 hours to perform wholeheartedly for you. At 16:10 on March 5, Lovol rotary drilling service received a call from the customer Mr. Wang for help, His Lovol fr612c rotary drill was used in a large housing project in Hefei

Lovol rotary drill service personnel worked hard for 30 hours to perform "wholeheartedly for you"

at 16:10 on March 5, Lovol rotary drill service received a call for help from the customer Mr. Wang. His Lovol fr612c rotary drill suddenly stopped running during the construction of a large housing project in Hefei, requesting the service personnel to go immediately for service support. Once the problem was fed back, the service experts of Lovol rotary drill immediately launched the "quick reaction mechanism" to coordinate the local service resources and the service support of relevant suppliers

at 17:00 on March 5, according to the feedback of Hefei on-site service personnel, this drill is an old drill purchased in 2010, and the working time has reached more than 6000 hours. Due to the long time of no construction in winter, the customer did not pay attention to the weather changes, the hydraulic oil was not effectively protected in rainy and snowy days, and the maintenance was not perfect, resulting in serious deterioration of the hydraulic oil, the amplitude and frequency of the hydraulic system adjustment spring alarm, and the drill temporarily failed to operate

as early as 2010, Foton Lovol heavy industry heavy equipment factory established a "quick response mechanism" for such sudden market problems. Lovol rotary drill 400 customer call center convened relevant personnel such as service director, quality director, technical center director and service experts to establish a "quick response team" for service expert consultation (or remote consultation) in response to major and emergency service needs of the drilling rig, Concentrate the top experts' intellectual resources, and finally form the optimized "solution", and ensure that the machine is turned on 24 hours and on standby at any time until the customer's drilling problems are finally solved. At 17:45 on March 5, the jury composed of many well-known investors and entrepreneurs of Lovol rotary drill was also professional and sharp. The expert group finally decided that the service personnel should immediately clean up the hydraulic system, and the matching degree between technological innovation of scientific research institutes and enterprise needs and local industrial development was low, and replace the hydraulic oil inside the whole hydraulic system

at 17:45 on March 5, after the solution of this rig was introduced, Lovol rotary drilling service department immediately inquired about the procurement system resources of Foton Lovol heavy industry through internal coordination, quickly found the relevant hydraulic oil agent, and delivered it to the customer's site at 7:00 on March 6. At the same time, Lovol rotary drill also sent additional resident service personnel Yu Zhilong to the customer's construction site overnight for service support. The two service personnel arrived at the construction site at 6 a.m. on March 6, and comprehensively cleared the hydraulic systems such as the oil pipe, oil cylinder and main pump of the drilling rig. The above technicians shared with you the four stages. After cleaning and replacing the new hydraulic oil, Yang Zhongchen and Yu Zhilong debugged the machine and found that the machine still could not operate normally. After careful investigation, it was found that due to the serious pollution of the hydraulic system, some parts such as the solenoid valve and the main winch motor had been seriously damaged, and the damaged parts should be replaced immediately

at 9:20 on March 6, after learning the news, the "quick reaction expert group" of Lovol rotary drill made a decision and decided to arrange the service vehicle of Weifang to leave at 10:00 on March 6, take all the accessories that may be used in the maintenance process of main winch motor, reducer, solenoid valve, bolt and so on, and rush to Hefei overnight

after a long journey of nearly 9 hours, the parts finally arrived at the customer's construction site at 19:00 on March 6. With the joint efforts of several service personnel, the damaged parts of the Department were replaced. After comprehensive commissioning, the drilling rig was repaired and resumed construction at about 22:00 on March 6. At this time, it is only 30 hours before the customer Mr. Wang dials out for help

Lovol rotary drilling service engineers serve at the construction site in Hefei

Lovol rotary drilling always takes customer satisfaction as the first service goal, adheres to the service concept of "wholeheartedly for you" of Foton Lovol heavy industry, and adheres to "one, service home". When there is an urgent service demand in the market, start the "quick reaction mechanism", concentrate the intellectual resources of top experts, coordinate relevant human and material resources at the same time, and strive to truly solve problems for customers in the shortest time, and strive to maximize customer satisfaction

looking at his rotary drilling rig regaining its majestic posture, the customer Mr. Wang firmly held the hand of Yu Zhilong, the service engineer, and said, "it's really hard for you. Lovol's service efficiency is high. With your service personnel, we are all worried about Lovol rotary drilling rig whenever and wherever!" (Liu Baoyu, Gao Ying)

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