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Lovol power non road country III engine: "it's worth experiencing!"

Lovol power non road country III engine: "worth experiencing!"

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"is master Dong there? Let's see how the new engine works?" "Coming, coming." A middle-aged man in his 40s came out of the house. His name is Dong Yongliang, and he is the first experienced user of Lovol power non road country III engine

2015 laid the foundation for Zhongwang to enter the field of aircraft manufacturing; In 2015, with the upgrading of the national emission standards for non road engines, Lovol power non road country III engines also entered the final user practical operation stage of the new "metamaterials" that can freely change the software and hardware. Lovol power has invested nearly 100 user experience machines matching the national III engine in the country, including 6 corn harvesters in Hebei, and Dong Yongliang is also the first user to get the experience machine

Dong Yongliang told us as he walked, "I got this machine in August. At that time, I was worried that experience opportunities would not always go wrong. After this autumn harvest, I think this national III machine of Lovol power is really great."

Dong Yongliang calculated that the machine had worked for more than 600 hours before and after harvesting corn this year. The autumn harvest is very busy. During the operation, I only occasionally take time to do the most basic maintenance for the machine, and the operation efficiency is basically maintained at 7-10 mu of corn per hour. During the operation, Lovol power non road country III engine did not have high temperature, the water temperature was basically maintained at around 85 ℃, and the dynamic performance was better than expected. Dong Yongliang told us, "this national III car can bring me more than 4000 yuan of revenue every day, with stable performance, fuel economy and normal water temperature. It's really good. When will the machine equipped with this engine be officially launched? Several friends want to buy it."

"master Dong, Lovol power non road country III engine equipped with electronic unit pump technology is about to be fully introduced to the market. The electronic unit pump technology can freely and flexibly adjust the fuel injection volume and time, and can effectively improve the power and torque. At that time, you can tell your friends to buy power machinery equipped with such an engine."

"then I'll let them buy that machine, Lovol power country III engine, which is worth experiencing."

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