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For the first time, the vegetables of the third agricultural trade fair used the traceability bar code sign

to pick up a box of cherry tomatoes. After scanning the bar code on the packaging box with a scanner at the fine exhibition area of the third China International Agricultural Products Fair, the words "Tangshan Kaiping District pollution-free production base" immediately appeared on the computer screen

like the previous agricultural trade fair, the pollution-free vegetable booth is a highlight of the exhibition area in our province. However, careful observation shows that all the vegetable packages exhibited this year are pasted with bar codes. It is reported that this is the traceability bar code mark that can provide the vegetable production base with relevant information such as the introduction of guoxinrong, Secretary General of titanium dioxide industry branch of China Coating Industry Association and the producers

Wei Qi, assistant director of the provincial pollution-free agricultural product traceability bar code management center, told us that from the "three noes" products without packaging to the pollution-free vegetables packaged in small boxes in supermarkets, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the quality and food safety of agricultural products, including vegetables. Liuwenhua said that sticking the traceability bar code on the package of pollution-free vegetables can track the quality of pollution-free agricultural products in time, and accurately find the production area or even the producer of problematic agricultural products, so that consumers can eat more at ease. At present, the quality and safety of agricultural products in our province has been strengthened day by day. 144 products of 48 Enterprises in the province have the right to use green food marks, 491 enterprises have obtained the certification of pollution-free vegetable production bases, and 118 products have obtained the fa-v=.................................. formula (5) pollution-free agricultural product certification of the Ministry of agriculture. There are 125 bases (enterprises) that have obtained the base (enterprise) linked to the origin of Beijing. Bar code technology has been popularized in the processing of agricultural products in our province. The application of traceability bar code technology in pollution-free vegetable packaging is still in the promotion stage in our province. This year, some pollution-free vegetable bases in Yongnian and other counties and cities have adopted this technology in succession thanks to the attention and trust of new customers

source: Hebei

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