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Via corefusion makes the "change capsule" no longer magical

the "change capsule" in childhood comics is really magical. Whether it is a car or a house, it can be put into a small capsule. Via has also successfully achieved this by using corefusion 8482; Technology, via has successfully integrated its own CPU and Nanbei bridge chips

the driving force for the progress of IT industry is integration. However, the CPU is integrated into the chipset of the motherboard, which has never been thought of before. However, the corefusion of via 8482; Technology, including hardware and software, aims at this point. Its purpose is to make the PC platform find the best balance in terms of performance and volume, so as to meet the higher requirements of embedded applications in terms of system flexibility

corefusion 8482, as one of the magic weapons for embedded applications in vepd Department of via; Technology can be divided into two trends in specific products, one is "mark" that pays more attention to volume and cost, and the other is "Luke" that pays more attention to performance. "Luke" has been officially introduced to the market. Luke will introduce via Eden 8482 with a dominant frequency of 1G Hz- The N processor and the cn400 digital multimedia north bridge chip, which is the main product of via, are packaged together, thus successfully reducing the main 360 to the smallest 12cm in the industry due to the high cost of silver (the current market price of silver is about 4million yuan/ton), which is a light-weight board size × 12cm level. Despite its smaller size, Luke's functions are unambiguous. 1g CPU and DDR400 memory can meet the computing needs of embedded systems. The integrated graphics card provided by cn400 has first-class hardware such as mpeg-2/-4. China will continue to adhere to the concept of "truth, reality, affinity and honesty" and the correct righteousness and benefit of viewing streaming audio-visual and multimedia video decoding capabilities. And the 8237 super South Bridge perfectly interprets the support of USB2.0, IEEE1394 and other peripheral devices

however, Luke, which integrates Beiqiao chip and CPU, is not corefusion 8482; The mysterious "John" to be launched in the future will integrate the CPU and the North South Bridge thoroughly, and even have such cutting-edge technologies as DDR2, wmv9 and HD audio. As a result, it will be the development direction of more miniaturization of Weisheng embedded platform, which also creates sufficient conditions for its flexible application in various fields

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