The most popular Vedic P4 embedded platform Nova

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Vedic P4 embedded platform nova

Vedic P4 embedded platform nova-8890 was first applied to the traffic police electronic inspection system

"electronic inspection", that is, the non-stop inspection system for traffic fee inspection, which can automatically inspect passing vehicles and find out the payment of vehicles within one second

recently, in the southern China Morning Post, Mo Renli reported in an article entitled "electronic inspection" of arresting 12 vehicles in arrears in one hour on the road: the Highway Department of a certain district has enabled the "electronic inspection" system for the first time. Instead of "stopping every vehicle", 12 vehicles in arrears of the same year have been seized on the road in one hour. The owners of arrearages can accept the punishment "willing to gamble and admit defeat" when they understand that they are falling under the "computer". A car owner who was caught told that the relevant authorities had implemented the policy: "in the past, we were lucky - Tigers all had time to doze off! Now we dare not. The computer is used to block the car (referring to the inspection), so where can we run away? Just pay the fee honestly, so as to avoid being caught in fear."

the system adopts the nova-8890, the world's first P4 embedded motherboard of Vedic, which adopts Intel 845g/GV + ich4 chipset and supports hyper threading processor technology, with lcd/crt VGA, LAN, Gigabit, USB2.0, IEEE-1394 and serial ATA. One PCI plug-in microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, also called hydraulic universal testing machine slot, one pc104+ (PCI bus), digital i/o interface: TTL level, 4-channel input and 4-channel output. Equipped with the special vehicle power supply of weidajia: ace- with 810v/818c 180W 12v/24v DC input at the other end of the clamped sample, ATX power supply, power supply with backup battery function. Its most useful function is to serve as the second power input to ensure the normal power supply when the DC 12V and 24V of the main power supply fail. The power supply will be switched to the power backup mode. Ace-810v/818c has two signals VS1 and VS2. When the information of main power failure is displayed, PC can shut down the system through software program control

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