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The sdl400 automatic bag making machine capable of producing self-supporting bags has been successfully developed by the light industry machinery factory of Shanghai Light Industry Equipment Group Corporation. The relationship between the 6-level and 6-level amplification and the range classification of the machine can produce not only self-supporting bags, but also self sealing bags and three side sealing bags. The bag making has high positioning accuracy, fast bag making speed, good tension control, stable feeding, low noise and stable performance. The bag made of this material has a smooth appearance, good scratch and beautiful shape. The edge banding has high heat sealing strength. It is an ideal substitute for imported products in the flexible packaging industry at room temperature. It is reported that the main performance indexes of the new products developed by the factory in recent years have reached the level of similar international products

the filling head and exhaust head of the acoustic hydraulic test unit have been greatly improved, so that the zero drift of the exhaust head during pressure test is reduced from 20mm inward and 8mm outward to ± 2mm, which not only meets the pressure test of the existing process and greatly improves the pre sealing life, but also can complete the pressure test of the oil pipe and casing with external rib at the exhaust end Note:

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