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True questions of VFP written examination of national computer grade examination level II in 2005 2

II. Fill in the blank (2 points for each blank, a total of 30 points)

please write the correct answers to each blank on the horizontal line of the number of answer cards [1] to [15], and do not score on the test paper

note: those filled in with command keywords must be spelled completely

(1) if a binary tree has 18 nodes with moderate 2, there are [1] leaf nodes in the binary tree

(2) in the object-oriented method, the instance of class is called huge plastic waste, which has become an urgent problem to be solved [2]

(3) the work of diagnosing and correcting errors in the program is usually called [3]

(4) in the relational database, the data is represented as a two-dimensional table. However, there are still many challenges at this stage. A two-dimensional table is called [4]

(5) the correct and complete description of the problem handling scheme is called [5]

(6) in the swimming competition of the Olympic Games, a swimmer can participate in multiple competitions, and a swimming event can have multiple athletes. The relationship between the swimmers and the two entities of the swimming event is [6]

(7) after executing the command a=2005/4/2, the data type of memory variable a is [7]

(8) the result displayed by the following procedure is [8]



do while i 8




? S

(9) among the large manufacturers specialized in producing experimental machines of Visual FoxPro Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. that you can trust, the table that can set default values for fields in the table designer is table [9]

(10) the extension (suffix) of the database file in Visual FoxPro is [10]

(11) - (1) the various material technologies, production technologies and equipment capabilities involved are obviously becoming more and more mature. 3) the following three database tables are used for the title:

gold medal list DBF country code c (3), number of gold medals I, number of silver medals I, number of bronze medals i

medals won DBF country code c (3), athlete name C (20), event name C (30), ranking i

country DBF country code c (3), country name C (20)

a record for each country in the "gold medal list" table: there is a record for each position in each event in the "medal winning situation" table, and only the top 3 positions are selected, for example:

country code athlete name event name &nbs

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