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Xuzhou Shenzhou Xubin: the veterans of Xiaohan with high aspirations

Yangzhou Shenzhou Xubin: the veterans of Xiaohan with high aspirations

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Guide: at the South Gate of Xiaoji Town, at the intersection of Ji'an highway and ji'wu highway, there is a modern enterprise with 150000 square meters of land, full of vitality and vigor. It is a key enterprise in Yangzhou Yangzhou Shenzhou automobile interior trim Co., Ltd., a provincial high-tech enterprise. See all this, who will

at the "South Gate" of Xiaoji town and the intersection of Ji'an highway and ji'wu highway, there is a modern enterprise with an area of 150000 square meters and full of vitality. It is Yangzhou Shenzhou automobile interior parts Co., Ltd., a key enterprise in Yangzhou and a provincial high-tech enterprise

seeing all this, who would have thought that 26 years ago, it was only a small workshop with only 3000 yuan. Behind the earth shaking changes, Xu Bin, the head of the company, led all the employees to make unremitting efforts. In the year of 26, Xubin developed a small township run factory starting from 3000 yuan into a nationally renowned professional manufacturer of automotive interior parts. The product market has expanded from a single passenger car supporting to the field of agricultural equipment and engineering vehicle supporting, and has become the designated supplier of famous enterprises such as Foton Heavy Industry, XCMG group and Carter heavy industry. In August, 2008, the newly developed five ring dragon electric vehicle successfully entered the Beijing Olympic venues. All this, who can connect him with being a soldier

In 1973, Xu Bin joined the army with the passion of serving the motherland. In the army, he trained hard, worked actively, and received awards for many times. He became a monitor and joined the Communist Party of China with honor. He was discharged from the army in 1978. After leaving the army, Xubin obeyed the local organization and arrangement, went to the township to run a factory as a production worker, and gradually grew from an ordinary worker to a person in charge of the enterprise

1987, Xu Bin took out all his belongings for building a house and started his own business with 3000 yuan. From the day he started his business, he put the development of the enterprise in the first place, leaving early and returning late, and took the factory as his home. Over the past 26 years, he has devoted all his limited accumulation and surplus to the development of the enterprise, constantly consolidating the foundation for the development of the enterprise and accumulating potential for development

after 15 years of entrepreneurship, Xu Bin has experienced the ups and downs of development, development and decline. A man without foresight must have immediate worries. After the enterprise restructuring in 2003, he further increased capital investment. "If enterprises want to develop, they must constantly innovate. They should not only focus on the extension of the industrial chain, but also on the research and development of new products.". Xu Bin's remark revealed the mystery of Shenzhou's leaping development. In the second half of 2008, when the financial crisis hit, Yangzhou Shenzhou automobile interior trim Co., Ltd. with the power of innovation, walked steadily, showing a good trend of rising instead of falling. At the beginning of 2012, Xubin seized the development opportunity and expanded the plant covering an area of more than 500 mu for the production of new R & D products. At present, 80million yuan has been invested in production. It is planned to invest more than 70million yuan in high-tech development and reproduction by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. It is reported that the annual output value will exceed 150million yuan and the total output value of the enterprise will exceed 1billion yuan

as the boss of the enterprise, Xu Bin did not forget that he was once a soldier. He never retired from the army. He always kept the purpose in mind, maintained the fine tradition and style of revolutionary soldiers, made remarkable achievements in ordinary posts, contributed to the society and served the country, and was widely praised by all walks of life. In recent years, 1 If the limit rod fails to reply in time, he will spend nearly 2.6 million yuan to support the development of local social undertakings such as bridge building and road paving. Every year, he will attend the "August 1st" and "Spring Festival" and other major festivals to comfort the families of Military Martyrs. The biennial rural games in the town was named "Shenzhou" cup farmers' sports meeting, and the required funds were borne by "Shenzhou" company. The company gives priority to veterans in recruitment, and employees of the company are given priority to important positions after they join the army and retire from the army. Zhaoyu, a "Shenzhou" female, has set up a militia class in the company. He has taken practical actions to support the cause of national defense and demonstrated the style of an outstanding veteran

the wind is good and the sail is just in time. Now, the blueprint has been drawn in Xu Bin's mind. He and all Shenzhou people will embark on a new journey in high spirits, forge ahead bravely, create glory again, and write a new chapter in the scientific development of "Shenzhou" company

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