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What do we need after the infinite extension of vepd application field of via

tablet—— The development of 3C LCD TV

home appliance by via is one of the development directions of personal computers in recent years. Accordingly, traditional home appliances are also improving in the direction of intelligence. Via's EPIA embedded system can help build a new generation of information appliances. For example, TCL's PDP and LCD TV products with 3C function using via solutions are examples

tcl's 3C liquid crystal series products can be regarded as a reference to PDP and TFT liquid crystal 3 The fuel tank is short of flat panel TV, including TV. From the appearance, the new information-based TV is no different from the traditional flat-panel TV. However, in terms of function and internal structure, the two are quite different. TCL's new 3C LCD TV can not only watch TV normally, but also be used as an LCD. Its own functions have greatly exceeded the scope of traditional TV, including IPTV (green concept TV for fully understanding steel structure buildings), PVR (personal digital video), VoIP (voice off), dvb-c/t (satellite, cable digital video broadcasting), HDTV (high definition TV) and PGC (game application). Therefore, the new 3C LCD TV has realized complete digitalization in function and is a new generation of information appliances in the real sense. With this TV, not only the digital video in various formats and modes of transmission can be completely destroyed in the future, but also the functions such as digital video recording and games can be integrated into the TV

zhu Jian, software development manager of TCL's network television business unit, personally introduced the application of x86 architecture

Mr. jianruizheng, senior business director, introduced the prospects of embedded global application market

the functional differences stem from the huge differences in internal structure. TCL's series of products are internally integrated with C3 1.3GHz central processor, which is no different from the current personal computer CPU, and are equipped with via's cn400 north bridge chip, Integrated with the powerful S3 graphics unichrome Pro video processing chip, it can not only achieve first-class decoding effect for various network video formats, but also realize the 3D acceleration function. Moreover, this 3C TV is equipped with the same 256M memory as the mainstream personal computer, so as to carry out various expanded applications

because of the processor and basic architecture consistent with PC, manufacturers can make better use of existing resources when developing this 3C TV, and make the final product more easily recognized by consumers. This product of TCL provides a classic case for the application of embedded system solutions of vepd Department of via electronics in the field of 3C home appliances

the simplicity of LCD TV is getting more and more praise

about vepd

vepd (via embedded platform Division), established in october2003, is a combination of the original vepd electronic platform division, central processing unit department, embedded R & D department and other public institutions. In view of the increasing global IA and embedded market demand, vepd was established in combination with resources to provide customers with complete and fast services, Vepd not only has the advanced technology leading the market and the product development strength mastering the market demand as the backing, but also has the complete resources of sales and service networks all over the world

via electronics is one of the few providers in the world who can provide complete solutions for chips, processors, mainboards and drivers required by IA and embedded system manufacturers. Through rapid technology integration, we can effectively shorten the product development time for you, have the advantage of faster time to market, and via its own highly integrated EPIA Series platform, via which via electronics brings more economic benefits to customers

about via electronics

via Electronics Co., Ltd. is a market leader in logic core chips, low-power x86 processors, advanced network connectivity, multimedia, network and storage chips and complete platform solutions, driving system innovation in the PC and embedded markets. The customer base of via electronics covers major OEMs, mainboard manufacturers and system integrators all over the world. Its headquarters are located in Xindian City, Taipei County, Taiwan, and it has branch sites in the United States, Europe and Chinese Mainland. Weisheng electronics is also a member of the Taiwan Stock Exchange 3 High precision: a listed company adopting high-precision ball screw drive (this project will strongly promote Daxie to build the world's largest and most competitive MDI and HDI manufacturing center tse2388). For more information about the company, please visit

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