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On June 26, 2013, Zhengzhou auto supplies exhibition was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition arrived as scheduled, but the changes of auto electronics manufacturers at the exhibition really made people feel confused. At this exhibition, the number of car navigation manufacturers decreased compared with previous years, while the number of e-dog manufacturers has sprung up like mushrooms, so is it the twilight of car DVD heroes? Or is the electronic dog in its prime

, in this Zhengzhou exhibition, only a handful of auto AV electronics exhibitors, including Luchang, Jingneng Aotian, Guanglian Saixun, and Star Airlines, org, chemeili and other enterprises, respectively, during the registration period from February 18 to March 10. Compared with AV electronics, automotive safety electronics is slightly better, including road science, Zhuoyue chuang'an, Qizheng, Lexus, Kangda century, pujieli, Zhongtong chuang'an, hang doctor, etc. Among the automobile safety electronics enterprises, e-dog enterprises account for the majority. I remember that in 2009, the car DVD industry was booming, and many auto electronics manufacturers were making a lot of money at the same time. At that time, the Zhengzhou exhibition, the car navigation enterprises were absolutely blooming vanadium batteries, competing for excellence. Now, four years later, the Zhengzhou exhibition is still held, but the original manufacturers did not appear. Compared with the magnificent appearance four years ago, why four years later, Many vehicle navigation enterprises are turning low-key

the development of the industry at different stages

2009 can be said to be the hottest year for the development of the car DVD industry. There are few car machine enterprises, the sales channel is single, and the market demand is expanding. For various reasons, the car machine market is booming, and the manufacturers are making enough money. However, in the three years when the automobile and machine industry has been booming, many enterprises have also smelled the business opportunities of the automobile and machine industry and opened new factories one after another. The traditional sales model has also been broken long ago. New models such as 4S stores, front loading, e-commerce are eating away at the traditional dealer model. With more enterprises and more competition, the development of the industry tends to be stable, but the industry is not without profits, but the profits are shared by more people. In the stable stage of the vehicle and machine industry, the e-dog market has experienced a blowout development, which is mainly due to the new traffic regulations issued by the state in 2013. In order to strengthen the supervision, the transportation department is also increasing the speed measuring points, and the database of the electronic dog is also constantly improving, and the sensitivity is also greatly enhanced. In this battle like "cat and mouse", it is undeniable that the electronic dog really brings tangible benefits to the majority of car owners. After all, a few tickets are enough to buy the electronic dog. Driven by such interests, car owners also rush to buy e-dogs, which makes the e-dog market rich. It can be said that the current stage is the hottest stage in the e-dog market. Therefore, it is natural to make a high-profile appearance

manufacturers' more rational choice

vehicle navigation enterprises at this stage can be said to be "even if they are rich, they should also be careful." There are many large and small exhibitions all over the country every year, and manufacturers do not want to rush to major exhibitions frequently. Instead, they should take stock of the situation and carefully consider which exhibition can bring tangible benefits to themselves. Although other sales models have sprung up, manufacturers still rely on dealers for survival. Therefore, the dealers who watch the exhibition are their target audience. Whether the exhibition can attract dealers is an important standard for manufacturers to measure their participation. In this Zhengzhou exhibition, automotive products are the main part of the exhibition, and most of the dealers are in the automotive products industry. The lack of this "target audience" inevitably discourages automotive electronics manufacturers. Another point is that the manufacturer's cost is to avoid the substandard cost of the experimental machine caused by vibration in the process of use. As we all know, most automotive electronics enterprises are concentrated in Guangdong Province. If you go to Zhengzhou, the cost of personnel and exhibition is not a small amount. Although the enterprise is not short of money, no one is willing to spend more money

serious homogenization of vehicle navigation products

vehicle navigation enterprises tried to promote cloud navigation in the past. However, after years of precipitation, manufacturers have been unable to come up with core products, and the market has long been tired of the concept of cloud navigation. Compared with vehicle navigation, the "cloud dog" series in the electronic dog industry are flocking to, and many manufacturers have dubbed their products "cloud dog" to the market. Compared with the car navigation market, which has no concept to fry, the e-dog industry has pushed the "cloud dog" to the top of the market

in this exhibition, there are more "dogs" than "machines", which is just a manifestation of the different stages of the development of the two industries, and it is also a more rational choice for many manufacturers

the wealth blowout of the electronic dog market is only a return to the sustainable construction principles. For example, lightweight construction and modern materials such as fiber reinforced composites may be infiltrating into the future shipbuilding dock into the car machine era in 2009. It is believed that after several years of development, the electronic dog market will also move towards the car machine era at this stage. The development of each industry at each stage is a small "reincarnation". In the peak period of the industry, enterprises should have unlimited scenery. In the stable period of the industry, enterprises need to be more careful

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