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Veeco launched a new contactless tester to improve the productivity of bright LEDs

at the semicon Western Expo and seminar in San Francisco, Veeco, an internationally renowned provider of precision instruments and Metrology solutions, will demonstrate the structure of a new contourgt (TM) optical surface analyzer, which has been optimized for performance, and can test high brightness LED (HB-LED) strip sapphire substrate (substrate). Contourgt-x8 PSS combines advanced contactless test function with Veeco PSS measurement hardware and software technology. Veeco also has a chip automation system developer manual, which provides customized solutions for PSS quality assurance and quality control devices. High throughput and consistency capabilities are critical

contourgt tester provides high throughput and non-invasive testing, which can test the height, width, substrate radian, thickness, roughness, etc. of PSS. It can improve the output and ensure the LED efficiency and color consistency

mar, executive vice president of Veeco's measurement and instrumentation department, started the tensile machine at a fixed speed to stretch the specimen. Dr. k r Munch said: "PSS is a key technology that can improve efficiency and ensure uniform color of HBLED. This technology is in the ascendant. In HB-LED production, testing the size and consistency of sapphire wafers is a key step for food safety inspection. Now contourgt-x8 PSS provides wafers with 3. Electronic tensile testing machine selection index supplier and HB-LED equipment manufacturer provide high throughput and 3D surface measurement technology at an affordable price Increase output and ensure the quality of end products

ross Q. Smith, vice president and general manager of Veeco optical industrial metrology, added: "We work closely with PSS wafer suppliers and HB-LED manufacturers to produce contourgt-x8 PSS to ensure that this product has enough width to meet the required measurement. In addition, we also work with mainstream wafer automation suppliers, such as Chad industries, to provide HB-LED manufacturers with competitive price plans, because they need a lot of freedom in automation solutions. We hope that contourgt-x8 PSS will become an easy operation in the industry Single, all-weather, efficient PSS surface measurement solution, otherwise the operation of the fixture may exceed the use limit of the stroke. "

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