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The market prospect of vegetable fiber tableware is broad

in order to comprehensively utilize agricultural wastes and eliminate "white pollution", Dongli (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and zhong3 With the cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the modified fixture has developed the domestic leading baolvhua disposable plant fiber tableware production line and the production technology of its finished products. The project has been recognized as a high-tech project and has the dual advantages of science and technology and poverty alleviation. China is one of the largest consumer markets of disposable tableware in the world. According to the statistics of 199, these are the seven-year statistics of large items sent by this pull force to Mr. zhanglianghua, deputy general manager of interior materials of beneck Changshun automobile. The annual consumption of various disposable fast food boxes (bowls) in China is about 10billion, and the annual consumption of disposable drinking utensils such as convenient water cups is about 20billion. With the acceleration of people's pace of life and the transformation of food culture, the demand for all kinds of disposable tableware is growing rapidly at an annual growth rate of more than 15%. At present, the consumption of disposable tableware in China has reached 18billion. In 1993, the Chinese government signed the Montreal international convention banning the production and use of disposable white foamed plastic tableware. In January1999, Decree No. 6 of the State Economic and Trade Commission approved by the State Council required that foamed plastic tableware be banned in 2001. Foamed plastic tableware has withdrawn from the historical stage, leaving a broad market space for environment-friendly tableware

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