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In the information flow, people are constantly exposed to new things, and they always have an unstoppable desire for unique and common things. Therefore, they also have higher requirements for the wide range of door and window commodities. Innovation has already become a kind of development emotion. Now, consumers are not only interested in personalization and diversity, but also pay more attention to environmental protection and safety. So, how should door and window investment companies deal with it

to reverse the situation, commodity innovation is crucial

with the development of domestic market economy, the large market environment of domestic door and window industry has changed, and the market competition has become increasingly fierce. In recent years, the question of "homogenization" of the door and window profession has become increasingly fierce, and the trend of plagiarism in commodity design is also prevalent, which has seriously prevented the normal development of the door and window profession. In the face of this series of bad career scenes, an increasing number of companies have begun to consider the question of "innovation", and innovation has also become a hot word for household occupations such as doors and windows to comment

for door and window investment companies, innovation is not just oral words, just shouting slogans. On the one hand, with the rapid development of society, people's material and cultural living standards have improved year by year, and people's requests for door and window goods have also been changing, and the need for personalization is becoming more and more obvious. On the other hand, with the prevalence of many promotion methods, consumers' overall habits and rationality have been greatly improved. The innovation of "concept" may attract consumers for a while, but consumers are not fools. Companies can't keep the hearts of consumers without practical innovative products

optimize the form of innovation, and do not stay on the surface

when the door and window investment promotion company is making commodity innovation, it should not be overturned at any time. Innovation is an optimization on the original basis, not a complete overturn. Looking at the current door and window shopping malls, how many so-called innovative products in the company's R & D department have been ignored? How many new products have become a burden that is hard to swallow

for general door and window investment companies, they do not have the capital, cycle, talent and strength that large companies have to cultivate consumers. When the company is making product innovation, it must not play with concepts, and do not treat consumers as fools. Because consumers will only be stupid for a while, but they will not be stupid for a lifetime. Today, when information communication technology is so prosperous, we media will only slap ourselves in the face when it is highly developed





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