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"To choose dieyilan is to choose a path to happiness and success." This is what he Bo, manager of Changsha jingwan zidie Yilan sofa store, has said most since 2014. As a senior furniture dealer, He Jing sincerely lamented that the successful transformation in 2014 made him gain more confidence than wealth

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manager he told the editor that before joining dieyilan, he had always been making leather sofas and had never been exposed to fabric products. Due to his insufficient understanding of the furniture industry in the early stage of entrepreneurship, he made many detours in choosing brands, styles and positioning, which directly led to the hard operation of the brands he had previously chosen and poor performance. "At a Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition, I met a fellow countryman who made a fabric sofa brand. She strongly recommended the brand dieyilan to me. In a sense, this chance changed my life."

he Bo, manager of Changsha jingwan zidie Yilan sofa store, transformed from leather sofa to cloth sofa. After all, it was not a small decision. He Bo said frankly that he had hesitated for a long time. Finally, what prompted him to make up his mind was the inspection trip of dieyilan Foshan factory in September 2014. "I remember what impressed me at that time was dieyilan's 6S production management. I had visited many factories before, and almost none of them could do dieyilan. In this way, each workshop was very neat and clean, and each process was very rigorous and meticulous. At that time, I thought that a workshop with such good management would make the best products."

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after repeated weighing, he Bo's dieyilan sofa exclusive store opened smoothly in September 2014. Manager he told Xiaobian, "although this is my first contact with fabric products, everything should start from scratch, but the strong support of dieyilan headquarters finally let my hanging heart down." Now, it has been nearly a year since Dieyi lianjingwanzi sofa store opened, and its performance is booming. "This is mainly due to the brand effect of dieyilan. Dieyilan brand has always had a good reputation in Changsha. Since its opening, we often hear some old customers' recognition and praise of our products, which makes me deeply feel that joining dieyilan is the wisest choice in my career."

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