Fine decoration is the development direction of th

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At this stage, the flooring industry is also facing new challenges in 2014. Although the development of the whole industry is close to maturity, there is still some chaos between the industries, and the development of major enterprises also has shortcomings. Facing the new era, there are many brands, and the time for industry reshuffle is not far away; The time is coming when all the heroes compete for the best

personality development meets the needs of young people

in the past two years, with the growth of the transaction volume of two limited houses and low rent houses in the market, the consumption demand of young people is increasing in the market. Their consumption taste is beautiful, practical and multifunctional. In the face of such groups, innovation has become the key to winning the market in the future, including innovation in products, services, marketing models, etc., to attract consumers with new things and new selling points




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