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What changes will the new era of China's big home bring to people's good life? Big home is the reverse result of market demand. The root of everything lies in the needs of consumers. The new concept of aluminum wood decoration of new standard wooden doors brings you a different home experience

the era of big home is coming

now I often hear people say big home, "big home" has become a hot word this year. But what is big home? Why are they all eyeing big homes

in short, home building materials are no longer produced and sold by single products, but appear in the market in an integrated way. Product integration is to integrate and sell customized homes in a joint relationship

big home is the reverse result of market demand, and the root of everything lies in the needs of consumers

from the perspective of the market, it is understandable to expand the potential role of the brand and drive other products with mature brands. Moreover, a single category can easily reach the market ceiling. If it is launched together with other products, from the perspective of users, one-stop home purchase and overall customization of the whole house are more inclined to choose, and with the rapid change of society, people's aesthetic outlook is also changing, For visual effects, people are also increasingly focusing on the harmony and unity of style

in terms of purchase, you don't need to look at all the products you need to buy in the whole building materials market when you are in home decoration. The price, brand, product effect, process, service, environmental protection and safety should be compared. Home customization is like a building materials supermarket, which is simple and convenient. You can buy it in one stop, which saves time and effort

new concept

the latest mode of the new standard wooden door - the new concept of aluminum wood decoration

aluminum wood paint baking door is our new product launched in 2019. In terms of product performance, we retain the traditional process and create a new selling point

aluminum alloy door pocket - load-bearing, not afraid of climbing, durable, not deformed, moisture-proof, waterproof, comfortable, mildew resistant, corrosion-resistant and trouble free

solid wood paint door leaf - environmental protection and health, the whole family "Sen" breathing

quieter - the 45mm thick door leaf is equipped with a magnetic suction mute lock. When closing the door, the automatic adsorption has the locking function, and the contact points are soft treated to achieve the effect of quieter closing the door. Double tongue lock, quieter and safer

the aluminum wood decoration combines the advantages of the above aluminum wood doors and extends to other products: wardrobe, cabinet, wine cabinet, bookcase, wallboard, invisible door, sliding door, etc

and the style is unified, which provides an overall space matching scheme, emphasizes the importance of space aesthetics, meets personalization, and meets the needs of consumers for a new life

wooden door - aluminum wooden door - aluminum wood decoration whole house customization mall

for 20 years, the new standard wooden door has been continuously improved in the traditional process and introduced new products, up to more than 150 products. Customers have more choices when decorating at home. This year, we will focus on building aluminum wood decoration products to create one-stop service and check in with bags

customers should make two decisions in the process of consumption: where to spend their time and where to spend their money. These two decisions are interrelated: where more time is spent, more money is spent

in the busy urban life, people are more inclined to get a satisfactory answer in the fast and convenient way, and the decoration can better meet the customer's home decoration needs on this basis

what changes will the new era of China's big home bring to people's better lives

simple and clear answer: worry free, money saving, aesthetic

the aluminum wood decoration of the new standard wooden door saves you worry, money and a different home experience




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