You are so beautiful that I want to sleep with you

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Spring breeze is ten miles away. It's better to sleep with you. Oh, don't get me wrong. I really don't mean to tell dirty jokes. It's it that I want to sleep. Yes, even you sleep in bed every day

it's better to sleep with you in the spring breeze

oh, don't get me wrong. I really don't mean to say dirty jokes. What I want to sleep is it. Yes, even you sleep in bed every day. For example, the following models are very beautiful, which is said with a good heart

a combined bedside table like a door frame is placed at the head of the bed, and the European style big bed is perfectly integrated with the bedside table, making the bed seem to be embedded into the wall. The most important thing is that the bedside table can also have the function of a bookcase. Put your favorite books on it and choose to read at will before going to bed. Even your dreams are particularly sweet

the bed body and the wardrobe are combined into one. What is more valuable is that the background wall of the bed is made into a pure white board wall unified with the wardrobe, making the bed, the background wall and the wardrobe unified in color, simple but not simple. The hanging bedside table and the mirror flat with the bed can clearly see their "every move, every frown and smile" on the bed, full of caution, making people feel that lying on it is not only physical enjoyment, but also great visual enjoyment

the pure white Western-style board bed, even the bedside table and desk lamp are pure white, and the bed is covered with fresh small floral quilts and pillows. The large French windows allow people to enjoy the panoramic view and the comfort of waking up in the sun. Enter the room, safely shut out all the noise and annoyance of work and the outside world, and let the bedroom return to the most primitive function of relaxation and rest. To be honest, we really need it

white and pink are cleverly matched to decorate every small corner of the room. Pink quilts, bedside table drawers, bows behind chairs, as well as a large background wall and picture frames scattered on the wall all reveal a sense of pink and tender girls. I'm afraid even as adults, we can't help but want to have such a room full of youth. I can't help guessing that if I lived in such a dreamy room when I was a child, I will certainly become an elegant and beautiful princess when I grow up, right





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