Fujian launched new materials for transportation a

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Fujian launched new transportation packaging materials

recently, Fujian Sanming plastic group company developed a new transportation packaging material - winding film, and began mass production

winding film is a new olefin product, which has the characteristics of good tensile strength, strong self-adhesive after winding, convenient packaging and bundling, and high perspective. It is widely used in the field of modern logistics packaging

at the beginning of the year, Fujian Sanming plastic group company listed the winding film as one of the products that focused on developing graphene research in European countries as a whole through packaging market research. At the beginning of August, the first batch of 16 tons of 0.035mm thick winding film orders were officially issued. The winding film machine looked solid and entered mass production. At present, dozens of tons of orders for this product have been received

at present, on the basis of ensuring the steady improvement of product quality, the company has also developed winding films with different specifications and thicknesses of 0.017mm and 0.05mm to meet the needs of different customers. (Liu Ping) (China Packaging utilization prospect 10 points broad report)

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