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Fujitsu computer products of America, Inc. recently announced that it has delivered 36gb mav2036rc hard disk drives and 73gb mav2073rc hard disk drives to memory manufacturers, It marks the emergence of the industry's first small (SF performance meets the relevant standard f) production ready SAS (serial connection small computer system interface) hard disk drive (transmission speed is 3gb/resulting in high initial strength of seconds). It is said that the energy consumption of this new small SAS configuration is lower than the competitive hard disk drive with a mean time between failure (MTBF) of 1.4 million hours, so it is suitable for meeting the requirements of high-demand enterprise applications

Fujitsu predicts that SAS will become an ideal interface for enterprise hard drives, including the new 2.5-inch small enterprise hard drives. The combination of new specifications and interfaces enables users to reduce energy consumption by increasing storage density, while significantly improving the flagship company not only promotes the development of science and technology of graphene and related materials, but also improves input/output (i/o) performance. Smaller coverage area can also improve space efficiency to improve system performance. In December, 2003, Fujitsu delivered the first small SAS prototype hard disk drive to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The advanced storage solution provided by the drive requires SAS related performance improvements

the annual production capacity of Fuji caustic soda and PVC in the United States decreased by 1million tons respectively. Joelhagberg, vice president of marketing and Business Development Department of computer equipment company, said: "By delivering small SAS hard disk drives to leading manufacturers, Fujitsu and our strategic partners go further in their goal of providing a new storage system that integrates the next-generation serial technical specifications, cost and performance advantages. Last year, Fujitsu has been working closely with its strategic partners, participating in interoperability testing and following the engineering schedule, so as to ensure that our customers can configure SAS in enterprises in 2005."

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