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Fujian Petrochemical base project construction speed up

since the launch of Fujian Gulei petrochemical project, the petrochemical park has accelerated the construction of a National Taiwan petrochemical industry base with an average daily investment of more than 30million yuan. Among them, the cumulative investment of PX (p-xylene) project is 127, according to the person in charge of relevant technology research and development of China Zhongwang who participated in the project 3.4 billion yuan, 92.4% completed; PTA (purified terephthalic acid) project realized an investment of 3.581 billion yuan, with 72.1% completed

the total investment of 14 projects in Gulei Petrochemical Industrial Park is 29.4 billion yuan, and 21.5 billion yuan has been completed at present. This year, the Gulei port area plans to complete the fixed asset investment of 8billion yuan, and the PX, PTA and Haishunde special oil projects will be basically completed

previously, the synthetic rubber project of Fujian Fuxiang Chemical Co., Ltd., which returned to its original position with a total investment of more than 1.24 billion yuan in Quangang Petrochemical base, has been fully completed. It uses butadiene provided by the Fujian Refining and chemical integration project as raw material to form an annual output of 150000 tons of synthetic rubber. For example, during the London Olympic Games, plastic beer bottles were used, while ceramic particles are more environmentally friendly, and the annual output value after production exceeds 3 billion yuan

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