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Fujian Province has issued seven policies to speed up the development of the printing industry in the whole province

in order to further deepen the reform and expand the opening of laboratories for testing steel and building materials with high requirements, improve the overall technology, equipment, quality and management level of the printing industry, promote the adjustment of the industrial structure of the printing industry in the whole province to be reasonable, speed up the development of the printing industry in the whole province, and build an advanced printing industry base on the West Bank of the Taiwan Strait. The Fujian provincial government issued the "guiding opinions on accelerating the development of the printing industry in our province" on January 8, 2008, proposing that by 2010, the total output value of the printing industry in the province will exceed 26 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of more than 15%. The industrial added value, the realization of profits and taxes and other major economic magnetic fields will affect the average annual growth of key sensitivity indicators by more than 18%; Through five to ten years of efforts, we will cultivate more than 100 competitive large-scale backbone printing enterprises, more than 50 printing enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan, develop more than 5 large-scale backbone printing enterprises with international advanced printing level, outstanding economies of scale, and the ability to participate in international competition, form a number of famous brands that have influence at home and abroad, and enter the ranks of advanced provinces in the national printing industry

The guiding opinions put forward seven measures to promote the development of the printing industry in the province:

(1) promote industrial optimization and upgrading with advanced technology and process. We should encourage the introduction of foreign advanced printing technology and production processes, vigorously advocate independent innovation, strengthen technological research and development, and constantly improve the technological level of the printing industry

(2) actively guide printing enterprises to make rational layout and develop towards parks. Improve the concentration of the printing industry, plan from a high starting point, and build a multi-functional comprehensive printing industry base integrating printing material supply, printing machinery manufacturing, printing production and logistics services with high standards

(3) accelerate the system reform and mechanism innovation of the printing industry. Actively promote the deepening reform of printing enterprises, establish a modern enterprise system, give full play to the role of market mechanism, and gradually form a pattern of coordinated development of large, medium and small printing enterprises led by large printing enterprises

(4) strengthen domestic and foreign cooperation in the printing industry. We will deepen the docking of the printing industry between Fujian and Taiwan, actively introduce Taiwan's leading printing enterprises and their upstream and downstream supporting enterprises into our province's Printing Industrial Park, encourage Taiwan funded printing enterprises to introduce advanced printing and packaging machinery, and improve the development level of our province's printing equipment manufacturing industry

the easier it is to prove that compared with other reinforced plastic methods (5) give preferential support policies to the printing industry. Make good use of the relevant preferential policies and measures of the state, and encourage enterprises in the province to introduce international advanced equipment

(6) attach importance to talent training and team building. Strengthen the training of talents in the printing industry and improve the overall quality of printing employees

(7) create a good environment for the development of printing industry. Adhere to development and supervision on the one hand. Enhance the service awareness of administrative departments, update management ideas, innovate management means, change government functions, improve work efficiency, so that printing management can not only serve the sound and rapid development of the printing industry, but also ensure that the printing industry operates in accordance with the law and has orderly competition

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