Fujifilm North America holds the primary Label Sum

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Fujifilm North America held a primary Label Summit

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core tip: Fujifilm North America's printing system division recently organized a primary label technology summit in its Chicago Technology Center (PRI currently melabeltechnologysummit), The invited guests were shown that the trend of innovative packaging technology can increase and prolong the service life

[China Packaging News] Fujifilm North America's printing system division recently organized a primelabeltechnologysummit at its Chicago technology center to show invited guests the trend of innovative packaging technology

the activity on June 22 is one of a series of activities that are constantly developing. Fujifilm intends to make this activity a "cooperative information exchange" activity, inviting senior label and packaging experts to share their challenges and insights, interact with industry experts, and learn more about Fujifilm's complete printing system products, all of which are carried out in Fujifilm's technology center in Hannover Park, Illinois

at the beginning of this activity, the person in charge of Fujifilm North America printing system introduced the enterprise situation and the development background of the packaging easy to wear market. Then chrislynn technology of hillmantechnologypartners introduced the growth opportunity of adding value to the label field by using digital inkjet technology

the participants had a close contact with the high-speed digital UV inkjet printer module of Fujifilm, Graphium, which can be combined with flexo printing and post press processing to form a one-time paper feeding to complete mixed printing and post press processing

the participants also got the opportunity to explore Fujifilm's innovative technology in flexo printing ink, plate materials and plate making. Among them, flexnexfw water washing system can generate flat top points, and the plate making resolution can reach 200lpi, which can restore 1% - 99% points

while learning more about packaging technology, participants also listened to the experience and feelings shared by users of Graphium and flenex

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