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Hydraulic concrete structure CAD system design

Abstract: Based on the newly revised hydraulic structure design specification, the hydraulic concrete structure CAD system takes Chinese windows as the operating platform, adopts advanced and efficient VB language and object-oriented programming method, and has a good man-machine interface This paper introduces in detail the general design principles of hydraulic concrete structure CAD system and the design ideas of functional modules such as file system, structural analysis, plain concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, specification query and so on

key words: concrete structure hydraulic structure computer aided design structural analysis VB CAD

Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology has been widely used in aviation, automobile, electronics, machinery manufacturing, civil construction and other industries because of its advantages of short design period, high design quality and low design cost Relatively speaking, the application of CAD technology in hydraulic structure design in China is relatively backward

in the mid-1980s, there was an upsurge of research on hydraulic structure design CAD in China. Its representative achievements include plant CAD, gravity dam CAD, arch dam CAD, etc. these large-scale software are generally expensive, but usually the design institute only completes the design of one or several water conservancy projects for several years, unlike the Architectural Design Institute, which has to complete the design of several or even dozens of projects every year, so its real users are few In addition, due to the low level of computer hardware at that time and the complexity of hydraulic structure design, the CAD technology of hydraulic structure failed to get its due development Many design units have compiled a number of commonly used small programs, such as the internal force calculation program of frame structure, the reinforcement design program of reinforced concrete structure, etc. these programs have indeed played a certain role in the calculation of actual engineering structures Some design institutes with better application of CAD technology also mainly use general software, such as AutoCAD, to assist in drawing, which is very inefficient In recent years, architectural CAD has developed rapidly and has really entered the application stage of CAD The relevant departments in China have officially regarded the drawing rate of computer-aided design and the proportion of optimal design as an important index to evaluate the level of design units On the other hand, the level of computer hardware has developed by leaps and bounds It can be predicted that the 21st century will be the era of computer software At the same time, with the development of science and technology, hydraulic structure design theory has made great progress The new round of hydraulic structure design code based on GB50199-94 "unified standard for reliability design of hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering structures" has been revised several years ago, and many of these codes have been officially promulgated and implemented For example, SL/t191-96 "code for design of hydraulic concrete structures" implemented since May 1st, 1997 adopts the approximate probabilistic limit state design method to replace the original semi probabilistic and semi empirical design method. At the same time, various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS can be customized according to the domestic and international standards provided by users. Theoretically, it is more perfect, but the design is also more complex Therefore, it is imperative to vigorously carry out the research of hydraulic structure CAD software. It is necessary and possible to develop a set of hydraulic concrete structure CAD system based on the above new specifications, which has great theoretical and practical application value

1 system overall design principle

is the national metallurgical analysis and testing technology authority

the overall design of hydraulic concrete structure CAD system follows the following principles:

a. the principle of combining integrated computer-aided design system with sustainable development At present, a remarkable feature of software development at home and abroad is integration The integrated computer aided design software has the functions of data query, scientific calculation, drawing and graphic display, simulation, comprehensive analysis, optimization and consultation. Its scope covers the whole process of feasibility study, overall planning, preliminary design, technical design, construction drawing design, design documents and project cost prediction and analysis For example, the original PKPM series software includes PK software for structural calculation and construction drawing of reinforced concrete frames, bent frames and continuous beams, and PMCAD software for plane structural design of reinforced concrete structures Later, it gradually developed the spatial collaborative analysis and calculation software xtjs for frame, frame shear wall and shear wall structures, the computer-aided design software JLQ for shear wall structures, and also developed three-dimensional building design software APM, water supply and drainage design software WPM, building heating design software HPM, building electrical design software EPM, building ventilation design software CPM, etc. these software achieved a certain degree of data sharing, forming a set of architectural design An integrated computer aided design system integrating structural design, water supply and drainage design, heating design, electrical design and ventilation design The CAD system of hydraulic concrete structure should include the whole process of structural design. First, the structural layout is carried out in the graphic state, then the calculation sketch is automatically formed and the structural analysis is carried out, then the reinforcement design is carried out, and finally the structural construction drawing is directly formed However, in view of the complexity of hydraulic concrete structure design, it is very difficult to complete all the above functions in a short time Therefore, the primary stage of the system mainly includes structural analysis, structural design and specification query, but considering the requirements of its sustainable development, a large number of interfaces are reserved, which makes full preparations for the formation of large-scale integrated software system in the future

b. good user interface At present, the software developed is based on Chinese Windows operating system The biggest feature of windows is the graphical and visual user interface Today's computer users have become familiar with software with pull-down menus, diverse colors and fonts, and multiple windows. They have abandoned the old way of inputting instructions from the keyboard, and are increasingly using the mouse to start a program or activate an instruction by pressing a button on an icon or menu option The traditional software that has no user interface and directly uses file input has entered the twilight, and few people pay attention to it. Developing application software based on windows is a popular trend today The system is developed with the most popular VB language that can make full use of the graphical user interface (GUI). It has a simple, beautiful, convenient and fast man-machine interactive interface and the standard appearance and style of Windows applications. As long as the user has a little knowledge of windows operation, he can easily and accurately input the calculation parameters according to the man-machine interaction mode, and get satisfactory results

① the letter "(f)" in brackets in the figure is a shortcut key; "..." indicates that the dialog box will open The same below c. Adopt database management technology The CAD system of hydraulic concrete structure adopts the rough warehouse management technology to manage all the data in the process of computer-aided design. This has the following characteristics: ① as far as possible

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