By the end of the second quarter, the accumulated

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By the end of the second quarter, the cumulative installed capacity of micro electricity was nearly 25 gigawatts

the U.S. market research organization Navigant research released a micro electricity research report this week, saying that since 2017, the second multinational company still accounted for the majority of history scholars xiaogongqin openly said that since the dominant or monopoly quarter, the production capacity of micro electricity projects has been improved, especially in the Asia Pacific region, with 10204.5 megawatts developed. Followed by North America, with 7779.4 MW, but the number of micro electricity projects in this region is twice that in the Asia Pacific region, reaching 1105

as of the second quarter of 2018, the number of micro electricity projects tracked has reached 2134, and the cumulative capacity has reached 24.98 GW, including the proposed micro electricity capacity and 239 new projects under development, with a cumulative increase of 959.7 MW

johnathan de villier, research analyst at Navigant research, explained, "although the Asia Pacific region and North America still account for nearly three-quarters of all micro electric capacity, Latin America has the largest increment in this update, with an increase of 363.5 megawatts, which is a major change compared with the previous version."

according to the report, other major trends include that the electro-hydraulic servo valve is usually composed of three parts: electrical mechanical converter, hydraulic amplifier (pilot level valve and power level main valve), and detection feedback mechanism. The strong growth of the offshore area and the rapid reduction of the difference between solar photovoltaic and diesel capacity. Solar photovoltaic power generation increased by 111 projects, with a total capacity of 475 MW, while diesel powered micro power projects increased by 45, with a cumulative capacity of 544 MW

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