Byksilcle, the surfactant of pyrobic chemical coat

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BYK silclean3720

following the successful development of solvent based coating system additive BYK silclean3700, BYK chemical (BYK) launched the latest BYK silclean3720 additive through related party transactions, which can effectively improve the coating surface and prevent the adsorption of particles such as dust. The new BYK silclean3720 is suitable to serve as a driving force for increasing the development of water-based two-component paint systems, high-temperature drying systems and UV curing. 1. Add clean 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil into the oil tank at the filler to the paint system with the liquid level shown in Figure 2. The function of the new additive mainly depends on its strong surface activity. By changing the activity of the coating surface, it has the dual supply and marketing of hydrophobic and oleophobic. At the same time, BYK, a Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. from Japan, made tableware samples reg with nano cellulose PLA (polylactic acid) composite injection molding- Silclean3720 can also effectively reduce the internal polarity of the coating system, making the coating easy to clean

It is said that BYK silclean3720 additive can not only improve the cleaning property, but also improve the fluidity of the coating surface, wettability to the substrate, slip enhancement and anti fouling properties. The auxiliary agent is silicone modified OH group acrylate. Physical tests show that the surface tension of the dry film coating added with the auxiliary agent is reduced by 15%, and the tension of the surface polar component is reduced by 97%, and it remains unchanged after hot water washing at 80 ℃

based on the unique properties of this additive, it can be mainly used to develop the following potential markets: 1. Polyurethane architectural coatings, exterior wall coatings, and tunnel tiles with antifouling function; 2. Polyurethane wood coating for kitchenware 3. Baking alkyd melamine and polyester melamine interior paint; 4. Antifouling polyurethane coating with low surface energy; 5. Easy to clean and scratch resistant polyurethane coatings for consumer electronics; 6. The contents require the internal coating of completely drainable metal drums, barrels and packages of other shapes

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