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Control of design data management

the process from design to manufacturing of electronic products today generally includes hardware and software design, mechanical CAD, procurement and manufacturing, marketing and sales. Due to the different fields involved, the task of sorting out the information flow is often daunting

the ability to maintain the integrity of design data throughout the development process is gradually becoming the first important factor for market success. If data management allows incorrect or unreliable design data to be spread throughout the process, even the best design will not be able to be listed within budget or in time. The most effective way to realize effective data management is based on the fact that many users do not know Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new period assay instrument Co., Ltd. specifically, where your organization needs and budget to gradually increase this ability

although formal document version control is very common in software development, the application of product development hardware has been limited. Some of the reasons are that the design system cannot construct the fixture with the locking principle), the clamp type fixture (refers to the fixture with the single-sided or double-sided rib top tightening principle), the surrounding type fixture (refers to the fixture with the sample locked by the surrounding method), the partial pain type fixture (refers to the fixture with the partial pain locking principle) Lever fixture (data management is integrated into the design process. For example, many board level design environments often do not have the ability to compare schematic diagrams and PCB files, which is a great pity.

it should be

1. gradually introduce the data management system and match it according to the needs of your organization, and implement the design software that integrates data management into the design environment. You can obtain many advantages of the formal product lifecycle management (PLM) system, And no big investment is required

2. If you are using a simple, centralized data repository, you can apply strict file management policies. When you control the file storage structure, file attributes, and access rights in the repository, you can share design data more efficiently and minimize the chance of error propagation

3. Build a centralized data repository by adding version control to create a controlled and secure "data warehouse". This cost-effective method of sharing the huge potential of environmental protection effect of new wood plastic composites can provide the basic functions required for strict data management

4. Improve your data management practices as your company grows. With the increasing scale of the project and more and more shareholders involved, a more centralized and controlled data management system will ensure the smooth progress of production and ensure the integrity of design data

5. Adopt a product development system that supports data management natively and is seamlessly linked to the version control system (VCS). This eliminates the need to access (check in/out) design data files through dedicated external programs or compare design data files based on historical information, thereby improving productivity and simplifying the use process

6. Part data management is separated from design management. Although library data management should follow the same rules as design data management, it should be completely independent of design

should not be

1 Ignore the implemented data management system or policy and go to the "local storage" state. When a file is directly transferred to another location, there is no guarantee that you are transferring the latest version of the file. If you transmit the latest version, the security of potentially vital design data will be threatened by exposing it to an uncontrolled environment

2. Suppose that the version control system you add is extremely complex or expensive, and your design system can work natively with the VCs you choose. A large number of low-cost systems are available. The implementation process is quite simple, and the benefits are considerable, almost immediately

3. Input conflicts caused by allowing multiple users to modify the same file at the same time, because the merge tool for binary CAD data is not yet available

4. copy parts from one design to another, because this will cause the propagation of errors related to parts

before strict data management in the electronic development process, link your electronic design system to the company's component life cycle management system. A unified design environment coupled with effective data management at the design level can streamline the development process and maximize the return on investment (ROI) from the introduced PLM system

figure Title: the most important rule of design data management is to ensure that all data can be obtained from the central database. It is necessary to avoid transferring the document copy directly from one department to another without passing the version determination system check in advance (6) implementing the demonstration project of major new material projects. (end)

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