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Control of print fineness in flexo printing process

strictly control the water content of the paper leaving the factory, shorten the transportation cycle as much as possible, and avoid exposure to the sun or staying too long in rainy weather during transportation. These measures are the prerequisite for the printing factory to control the product fineness in the printing process. At the same time, it is suggested that the printer should pay attention to the performance of ABS that can be improved by the warehouse PC during storage. The temperature and humidity should be consistent with the temperature and humidity of the printing environment

I. The quality of ink adjustment in the printing process directly affects the fineness of flexographic printing products.

fine printing products usually need to meet the following quality requirements:

1) the field is flat and fine, and the surrounding is neat without double shadow

2) the line part meets the following requirements: clear points, small deformation and clear layers

3) if there are thin lines and small words, the lines shall be clear, the words shall be exquisite, and the version shall not be pasted

in the oil and natural gas industry, 4) multicolor overprint requires accurate overprint without white leakage and too many overlapping borders

then, on the premise that the printing pressure has been adjusted in place, only by adjusting the ink performance to maintain stable viscosity and good printability, can the printed matter meet the above four requirements

for example:

1) generally, field products use inks with viscosities ranging from 45'to 60' (paint 4\; cup), which have both ink leveling and hiding power. Ink covering power is good, and the field is flat; The ink has good leveling property, and the field is fine and glossy. Otherwise, the ink viscosity is too large, the ink transfer ability is poor, and the field printing is not real; The viscosity is too small, and there are water marks on the ground

2) the viscosity of the ink used in the line product is better at 30'~ 40' (coating 4\; cup). The ink transfer performance in this viscosity range is good, the point-to-point reproduction performance is strong, and the printed product points are clear, with small deformation, and it is not easy to paste and dirty

3) for multi-color overprint products, the trapping parameters should be designed to the minimum on the premise that the overprint does not leak white, and the printing color sequence should be reasonably arranged to ensure that the ink color printed by the latter color can cover the trapping made by the former color

II. The setting of printing process has a crucial impact on the control of product fineness in the printing process

setting of printing process: for example, setting of trapping parameters, front and back arrangement of printing color sequence, embossing, marks set in the United States for subsequent processes when bronzing cannot be online, etc

the company once had a product, which was overprinted twice in dark field, and there were many small anti white words on it. We designed according to the normal trapping parameters, and the anti white words are not clear and perfect. Later, the law was found out in practice. According to the anti trapping setting, and the printing color sequence suitable for the trapping parameters was arranged, so that the anti white words were printed beautifully, and it was almost impossible to see the effect produced by the two-color overprint

compared with offset printing and gravure printing, the overprint accuracy of flexographic printing machine is poor. If the products to be printed by the printing plant must be processed by the subsequent processes such as bronzing and embossing, and cannot be completed online with the flexographic press for the time being, making concise and easy-to-read marks on the printing plate in advance is the premise to ensure the accuracy of the subsequent processes such as bronzing and die cutting. This is a very small task in the setting of printing process, but it is the key to ensure whether the product is exquisite after packaging and forming. Whether the product printing is appropriate and perfect after packaging and forming is an important aspect to reflect the fineness of the product

in a word, the improvement of the fineness of flexo printing products is not only directly related to the printing equipment and plate making, but also more closely related to the overall human factors such as the selection of substrate, ink adjustment, printing process and printing operation level in the printing process. It can be said that whoever has these software technical talents will control the fineness of flexo printing products in the printing process, and who will truly have high-quality flexo printing quality

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