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The contradiction between an enterprise becoming an important R & D and manufacturing base of the third generation semiconductor technology and regional survival Henan Taikang Longyuan paper industry suspected of pollution, And further improve the supervision of environmental law enforcement

[China Packaging News] in recent years, China has improved the remote monitoring capacity of key pollution sources, carried out centralized remediation of various industrial environmental pollution problems nationwide, further improved the environmental law enforcement supervision system, strengthened the construction of environmental law enforcement team and emergency response capacity, continued to carry out major environmental safety inspections focusing on high pollution industries, and paid close attention to the rectification of hidden dangers through in-depth investigation

news from Chinese Enterprises: Recently, I received a call from the villagers of Lizhuang village, Maozhuang Town, Taikang County, Zhoukou City, which reflected that Longyuan Paper Co., Ltd. discharged sewage and waste gas wantonly in the production process, causing serious pollution to the living environment of the surrounding people and causing strong dissatisfaction among the local people. Recently, he rushed to the place for in-depth investigation and interview

according to the investigation, Henan Longyuan Paper Co., Ltd. is located in the West 2nd Ring Road Industrial Park of Taikang County; Covering an area of 120 mu, it is close to 106 and 311 national highways and Xuzhou Taiyuan railway, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Founded in 2000, it is a private joint-stock enterprise focusing on the production of carton board and high-strength corrugated base paper, the largest production and export base of packaging paper in Henan Province, the third in the comprehensive ranking of the provincial paper industry, the top 30 in the national paper industry, and the vice chairman unit of Henan paper society. It has formed a business scale with a total asset value of 330million yuan, an annual output of 280000 tons, a sales revenue of 900million yuan, and a profit and tax of 95million yuan, And with the annual production capacity of no less than 30%, the products are monopolized by large companies such as nobelbiocare (Germany) and osstem (South Korea) and sell well all over the country, with a total asset value of 72million yuan. But behind the achievements, the impact on the living environment of the surrounding people can not be ignored and paralyzed

led by local villagers, I went to Longyuan paper. Before I came to Longyuan paper, I smelled a pungent odor from a distance. At the company gate, the noise of vehicles and the roar of the company workshop seemed so noisy. The villagers told that Longyuan paper has sewage treatment equipment, but it is basically not used except for the inspection by the leaders. The waste water generated in the production process is directly discharged into the underground 1 general small and medium-sized extruders without any treatment. It is more suitable to use air-cooled pipes to discharge it to the second sewage treatment plant in Taikang County for secondary treatment

in the home of a villager in Lizhuang village near the paper mill, The villagers complained about the grievances they had suffered for years: "We can't stand this kind of day any more. No one knows what kind of environment we live in. The odor from the factory can be smelled for miles around. It makes people difficult to breathe, restless, dizzy, nauseous and can't sleep at night. We don't dare to open windows for ventilation on hot days. Many of us suffer from respiratory diseases. It's OK for our children to go to school and send them to their relatives in other places, but at our age Big ones can only stand firm here. Now they are talking about "pollution" and turning pale! "

the villagers are even more angry when they talk about the pollution of the paper mill: the crops nearby are obviously much less than those in the remote village, and the large area of cultivated land close to the plant has significantly reduced production. More than a month ago, the sewage from Longyuan paper industry was discharged into the land of Guyao village, causing a large area of death of pear trees, walnut trees and other fruit trees and crops of the villagers. After many negotiations, the small fruit trees paid 10 yuan for each tree, the larger trees paid 50 yuan, and the corn crops did not. In fact, the factories know that their exhaust gas is harmful to people and crops, but who cares about the lives of the people

in Lizhuang, the villagers angrily told that the sewage from Longyuan paper industry had been poisoned by the pesticide paraquat, and any tree or crop that touched it would die. Now every windy day, the stink of the sky makes residents unable to open windows. As the paper mill is close to Lizhuang village, the continuous roar of machines in the workshop day and night has seriously affected the normal life of residents. Residents of Li village told Ben that Longyuan paper has discharged pollutants through various ways, resulting in the deterioration of the groundwater below 40 meters. It is no longer as sweet as it used to be, and the extracted water has a bad smell

because the groundwater is polluted, the villagers' draught is now a problem. Without the installation of tap water, they have to draw water from the outside every day. The villagers near the paper mill who suffered from the disaster have reported to the environmental protection department for many times, and replied that this kind of sewage and waste gas is not toxic at all, and the discharge meets the national standard. Since it meets the standard, why do they still get water from outside? Why are the villagers' fruit trees and crops poisoned? The villagers of Lizhuang village, Guyao village, Maozhuang town strongly reported that the environmental protection bureau must severely punish Longyuan paper industry according to law, reasonably compensate the losses of the masses, and prevent the sewage from being discharged again

around the Longyuan paper factory, the publicity slogans are very eye-catching, "green water Taikang is my home, making green depends on everyone" and "implementing the blue sky, clear water and green space project to create a green and environmental protection ecological environment". Today, in building a harmonious society, Longyuan paper industry in Taikang county has seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of local villagers. What is the view of Taikang county government on this

the relationship between the pollutant discharge enterprises and the environmental protection bureau should have been the relationship between rats and cats, but if the "cat" turns a blind eye, the pollutant discharge enterprises will be unscrupulous. It is hoped that this article can fully arouse the great attention of the environmental protection department of Taikang County, earnestly perform their duties, return the people a blue sky and a peaceful and peaceful living environment for the local people! Don't just shout slogans on your lips, but put them into practice

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