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The color matching of "Chang'an 12:00" includes colorful colors of traditional Chinese style, as well as cyan gray with low saturation. The whole picture is fresh and elegant, and looks very clean and comfortable. Enjoy the application of these colors in your home with Yuxiu soft clothes

since the launch of Chang'an twelve hours, its oil painting like art scene has won unanimous praise from the public. From the set to the hue, there is no exception to the prosperous scene of Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty

the contrast of colors is brought into full play

there are bright colors of traditional Chinese style and cyan gray with low saturation in the color matching. The whole picture is fresh and elegant, looking very clean and comfortable

application in home

Green Department

Green Department is the favorite of the design industry this year, especially in historical dramas, bronze green, gray bean green, peacock blue green and so on are frequently used colors to express a unique sense of history and time

in home color matching, green is also a very attractive color, which will make the whole home look more advanced

Red Department

Chinese red is full of ancient flavor of Qin and Han Dynasties; The charm of yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties is unique. Two colors with a strong sense of China appear in the camera, pulling people back to the prosperous Tang Dynasty

vermilion, brick wall red, carmine and other beautiful Chinese red, when used at home, they also have a different flavor


in the costumes of characters in historical dramas, people in high positions will choose gorgeous brocade, gold and camel yellow to reflect their identity

in home color matching, compared with the luxurious golden yellow, it is also more recommended to use the brown yellow and camel color system with low saturation

Yuxiu purple light anti-counterfeiting technology, authentic anti-counterfeiting, look at the prosperous beauty of the wall cloth

Royal show, as a national brand, takes "inheriting the quintessence of embroidery and promoting embroidery culture" as its mission, inherits and absorbs the essence of Suzhou embroidery and Hangzhou embroidery, and spreads China's "embroidery" culture around the world

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