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With the increasing downward pressure on the economy and acute social contradictions, door and window enterprises urgently need to improve their productivity through internal reform and adjustment to achieve better and faster development of enterprises. However, to break through the difficulties faced by the current development of door and window enterprises, we need to reform from two aspects

accelerate the pace of integration of informatization and industrialization to create door and window brands

in recent years, China has been deeply implementing the "made in China 2025", and from the results achieved in recent years, it is not difficult to find that for small and medium-sized door and window enterprises engaged in traditional manufacturing, the "integration of the two" is the fundamental way out. First of all, we should optimize the allocation of resources. For example, some door and window enterprises have been carrying out effective energy conservation, consumption reduction, quality improvement and efficiency increase. These are all about optimizing the allocation of resources, so that limited resources can create more value. Secondly, small and medium-sized door and window enterprises should have their own products with characteristics, which are the driving force for the sustainable growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Then, small and medium-sized door and window enterprises should create their own brands. Brands are a banner of enterprises and an inexhaustible production power of enterprises. Therefore, only by accelerating the integration of the "two modernizations" and creating their own brands, can small and medium-sized enterprises achieve sustainable development

enterprises should pay attention to innovation and talent investment to break through the core technology dilemma

promoting "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is the product of China's economic development entering a new period and a new stage. It is an urgent need for China's urbanization process to enter the acceleration period, and it is also an inevitable requirement for the adjustment and upgrading of traditional industrial structure. The combination of original knowledge innovation and technological innovation makes the human knowledge system constantly enriched and improved, the cognitive ability continuously improved, and the products constantly updated. It is not difficult for us to find that today's rising prices of raw materials and environmental protection upgrading are a general trend. As a result, some small and medium-sized door and window enterprises are in a dilemma of heavy tax burden, rising labor costs, difficult and expensive financing, and insufficient ability of enterprises to innovate core technologies. So how should small and medium-sized door and window enterprises deal with it? First of all, the future development of small and medium-sized door and window enterprises focuses on "specialization and innovation", not on the scale. Small and medium-sized door and window enterprises should be willing to be professional manufacturers of supporting products for large enterprises. Secondly, small and medium-sized enterprises should pay special attention to the investment in human capital, because people are the main body of innovation, innovation needs wisdom, and wisdom depends on investment. Therefore, small and medium-sized door and window entrepreneurs should dare to spend money, cultivate some backbone who are loyal to the enterprise and love their career, and let them devote themselves to studying the most cutting-edge things

although the door and window enterprises are facing pressure and competition from all sides in the steady development stage, the competitive market will promote the continuous development and progress of the door and window enterprises. Whether it is superior to other door and window brands in terms of products, or providing unique services to door and window customers, these will become new actions for the door and window enterprises to break through the development dilemma





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