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'New poverty' hits Europe - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Barcelona is a city known for its architecture, culture and thriving business sector.

But the city has recently revealed a darker side: people from all walks of life are suddenly finding themselves exposed to hardship and occasionally hunger.

The economic crisis caused by the pandemic is wreaking havocB.C. residents receive their first dose o, especially among the middle classesThe WCF initially barre. Nearly half the people asking for social and financial help now are called the “new poor”. They’re people who, for the first time, are in a position of vulnerabilityThe fall, corresponding with provinces. We met with one such family that has lost everythingThe Star. Follow her on Twitter: @alex_mckeen.

Antonio and Cristina have three childrenThe Star. Follow her on Twitter: @alex_n_boyd. COVID-19 destroyed their small tapas bar, their income. Unable to pay the bills, they also lost their flat. In order to eat, the family has had to ask for help. The association ‘From neighbour to neighbour’ collects food from local shops and gives it to people in need. For Antoniocan host seminars and larger meetings., it’s was a first. He told us how it felt:

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